Dance Moms: Mackenzie’s Solo “Watch Me Fly” (Season 4) | Lifetime


I love you pop star Mackenzie your the best dancer and congrats for you winning and beating Sarah she was a hot mess congratulations love you so much 😘❤️😍

She did good but honestly, she didn't dance her age in the show, I think Sara should have won…
Honestly, Kenzie is overrated

Kenzie is amazing at Jazz and acro but she is so talented I just wish they showed more of her hip hop skills because she is so good at it!

That’s why you gotta just WING IT like a BEAKER. Ok I’ll stop…..ORANGE YOU GLAD I DID? Nvm…… ay…. don’t be ROBIN MY WORDS… TOUCAN PLAY IT THAT GAME…… someone help me….

She danced beautifully, but she doesn’t rly have emotions…don’t get me wrong I love Kenzie sm but just saying

I just don't know how those girls learned routines in 2 days and perform it perfectly like that

Am I the only one who thinks the guy announcing the solo in the beginning sounds kinda like James Charles?

McKenzie is so cute she is cuter than my brother she is so cute if she think she is not cute than leave a comment. If you think she is cute than give a like to my comment

Such a deserved win! Kenzie is a real star and she's a Acrobatic queen and is so mature from seasons 4 to 6. She could of done more solos like Watch me fly, who are you and out of my mind! Honorable mention to Bully because kenzie has amazing hip hop skills to! Abby should of given her more mature choreography. Love to kenzie

Outstanding, this awesome child did great, wow, she looks like a huge sweetheart, im no judge, but i give her a perfect profofmance, brovo!!!!

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