Dance Moms: Mackenzie’s Acrobatic Solo – “California Adventure” (Season 3) | Lifetime


No hay nada que decir las chicas Ziegler eran las estrellas del show y eran las mejores obviamente y Abby lo vio desde el comienzo.

I never got the Head piece but the dance is great. Not only her tricks but also the leaps and her facials.

Welp Lifetime gets the style of the dance right… and then spells Mackenzie's name as Mackenize?!?!?! Please, Lifetime… please.

I love how much energy this solo has but who's "mackeNIZE" lol I like Mackenzie better…no hate just a funny little error

I don't get what the fuss is on this solo? I've seen another video where apparently this was another mackenzies solo or something. I'm so confused.

i really don’t get this dance , the name is just so random , and so is the costume . what does this dance even mean??

You don’t even need to say it’s acro nothings wrong with it but it’s kinda her thing..other then hip hop

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