Dance Moms: LAURIEANN THREATENS TO WALK AWAY (Season 7 Flashback) | Lifetime


Can those mothers look anymore like little girls wearing mamas makeup. The chick with the short hair smearing on gloss……ugh puke

These moms should just drop their kids off, go home and let them dance in peace! We're all tired of all this unnecessary drama.

People say that Abby is mean and sometimes she is. She admits that she has a reality tv persona that goes too far and is edited with very little shown of the love and affection she gives her students.    As far as the moms go…Instead of just throwing Abby under the bus, do you ever wonder if they really do drive her as crazy as these moms just drove a professional creative director who has worked with the top names in the business and sometimes Abby has simply lost it too?! Especially with these moms. That she knew and trained their kids since they were very young.    I know the show has become extremely fake and edited but some of the ungrateful drama these parents pull out is too real to ignore!

You know she really seems shocked by the mom's behaviour which I'm not surprised by. Remember that she worked with/for Beyonce and Michael Jackson and if she did not see any of this kind of behaviour from such amazing professionals, this proves that the moms really need to chill out, they are not as cool as they think they are.

Apart from the girls and Holly

I just learnt that Laurieann is 50, yes you heard me right, 50 years old. Tell me why I thought she was like 25 and was confused when she was talking about working with people like Michael Jackson, I was like "how old were you?!? 5???"

Laurianne is one of the greatest choreographers of this generation but not for competition style..her choreo is too advanced, mature and too out of the box for competitions. It belongs on stage as performance art, with the artists like Prince and Micheal.

2:48 “this why I am emotional wreck “ mother bc u won’t take me to Wendy’s

Also why is Kendall smiling when Laurianne it’s funny but why

Lauriean talking a out how they have too much drama

Moms: within 5 minutes created drama

Lauriean: I don't get paid enough for this

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Since when did LaurieAnn go from dancing with Mega Superstars and choreographing for huge celebrities… to Dance Mom’s???!!!

She said in Making the Band that she “did not have the time nor the patience to pretend that this is a dance class that your mother paid for”….. now she teaching dance to little kids that their mother pays for… 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

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