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These moms are so self involved and arent even caring about the daughters and shouldnt even be in the room while practice. Poor girls are turning into their evil selfish moms.

Brynn just called kendall a brat bc she said "I wish I can scream at her face but I am not a brat so I am not going to do that" in my opinion I hate how brynn said that bc kendall is not a brat she just defended herself

Abby is like tired of all this drama today so instead of yelling at everyone, she just stands there waiting and then chaos occurs xD

Everyone out here needs to shut their mouths up about Brynn. Okay i get it she started to cry and she thought she was better than everyone but did you hear her say that . No you did not. In what universe is it okay for a minor to yell in an adults face. I get Kendall was standing up for herself but she could off politely said for Ashlee to stop talking about her. Brynn was implying Kendall was acting like a brat not that she is better then everyone just that she knows not to yell in front of an adults face. In all the episodes Brynn was in she takes it in walks off and cries or stands there during the fights she doesn't stand up for herself because its rude to. In one episode she did and Jill talked to her about talking back to an adult now she doesn't talk back because she knows what will happen, I rest my case

Brynn, your mom was being rude and insulting to Kendall hon, Kendall had perfect reason and excuses to call your mother mean and yell at her. Like, stop it.

Kendall you might have a voice but learn how to use it
You are disrespecting a women who is 20 years older then you, you are the one who is rude

Ok but at least Ashlee apologized after Kendall is a brat and so is Jill Brynn doesn’t think she’s better than everyone Jill does

Jojo is so supportive
1st: she hugged Brynn when Abby said she was on the team
2nd: she was consoling Kendal
3rd: she tried holding Kendal back cause she didn’t want her to do something she would regret
And this is just in this clip

“But I’m not a brat so I’m not gonna do that” I swear I quote that daily in a dramatic accent whenever I wanna say something I shouldn’t

I was a little sad when some of the kids supported Bryn when Kendall was the one getting insulted but then I saw kalani and Jojo burst out the room for kendall it was really sweet

Brynn: I wish I could scream in her face and say how mean she is but I'm not going to do that because I'm not a brat.

Me:Brynn you are a little mommas girl so get the heck away of the ALDC and leave them alone!

I don’t like brynn but she is a good dancer
Also brynn said she won to the irraplaceables instead she did not place
Brynn is so rude

nia has always been the most chill one, and the thing is abby be mad at her for no reason.. (nlt rn) and like i never liked kendall for real… i get that she was always crying but she also had said some racist things in the past

Kendall is NOT a brat bc brynn is being a stupid bish and just doesn’t know what having a voice means omg -_- shes the brat in this situation. And I bet rn In her life she’s being a stupid brat

Brennan and her mother are both stupid Kendall was sticking up to her self Brynn is a brat bc she’s making her mom stick up to her

This episode is what I show to people who think Abby is a rude and mean person to the kids, out of all this pandemonium she helps kendall

"but I'm not a brat so I'm not gonna do that"

Standing up for yourself isn't being a brat. She's older now, she can stand up for herself

Kendall is a brat I’m on Bryan’s side also in my opinion Kendall should not even be on dance moms because she can’t even dance Abby made a mistake to letting Kendall be on her dance team because KENDALL CANNOT DANCE

I hate Melissa 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Wait I’m confused… can someone explain here? So all I got was that Brynn won something and then Brynn’s mom started talking trash about Kendall, and Kendall and her mom got mad, but who is Brynn mad at??? I am so confused

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