Dance Moms: Kalani WINS Her FIRST EVER Senior Solo (Season 7 Flashback) | Lifetime


30 minutes of rehearsal time and being one of the youngest competitors in the senior vision AND STILL GETTING A PERFECT SCORE?!? gotta love it

Kalani was the best dancer on the team.
It's sad that the show didn't showcase how above from the others girls Kalani really was, it was only "Maddie's show"

You know the drill
1. Kalani🧚‍♀️
0. jojo😎

Spread love not hate 👌👸

not only did she win her first ever competition in the senior division with only 30 minutes of rehearsal time. she got a perfect score.

kalani’s talent is insane

Why didn’t they mention the fact that she had a perfect score? I never really realised how above the other girls Kalani actually is, they would all flunk it having only had 30 minutes practice. She really does have a god given talent, and it’s a shame the true extent of it wasn’t emphasised during her time in the show.

They finally gave her mature and amazing contemporary choreo that kept her standing upright instead of rolling all over the floor! I miss watching this beautiful dancer dance every week!!

honestly when i heard this song i thought it was someone being mad at someone and ignoring them and then the other person wants them to talk

My opinion of the best

1.//Asia// cause she was amazing for her age//










11.paige and Brooke

Kalani was my favorite girl because she was never as bratty as the other girls and she acted like the older one she was very funny and supportive I loved how all the girls dance but when kalani dances she just has something in her

This solo stood head and shoulders above every other solo on this show. The choreo was absolutely stunning and Kalani’s talent was unparalleled to every other dancer on the show

I knew i had heard that song, it is in 13 reasons why
edit: I don't think that actully is the exact song, i think it is just very similar

“Her reputation could be over if she doesn’t do this right” what happens to being happy for your child I Jena at least she did something😂

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