Dance Moms: Kalani & Kendall vs. Brynn & Camryn (Season 7 Flashback) | Lifetime


Kalani amd kendall my favorites. Love their outfits and makeup. The dance is great. Go girls !!😍😍😍😍😍💘💘💘

in my opinion it doesnt make sense why the new ones have to go against the old ones and they lose their spots against the experienced dancers

Today is my mom's birthday like if it is someone in ur family is having their birthday today

I don't know why Abby always yells at the dancers when she can't even dance her self!!!

I new that Kendall and kalani s duet wasn’t gonna be first place beacuse their choreo wasn’t good enough for them to win it s not the girls mistake

I still think it should be the other way around, snap that had timing issues and I just didn't like it overall

Especially in this dance besides kalani it's really noticeable that Kendall is really behind on her dance level compared to the other girls. Every moves seems so hard and heavy on her.

NIA AND BRYNN GDEHWSJK and if mackz and maddie was here brynn and mack or maddie and NiA NIA BE ON TOP OF THE PYRAMID

I'm a girl Abby and every time I wake up I will always put a b because I love you so much I will never ever change it to anyone else's video🐶

Watched two seconds, when I saw the title I thought Kalani and Kendall would win, well, I'll see. Not gonna read comments just yet, because I get spoilers.

Let’s be honest here brynn and camryns duet looks like the duet that Asia and Mackenzie did in season 3 when they were 8 YEARS OLD

You are mean stop being mean to the kids and you don't deserve to be in the dance moms work
you belong
it the trash

Wow. . . watching Kendall dance with Kalani really shows her weakness. I mean, she's good but having her dance with Kalani just made me think back to the earlier seasons when Black Patsy was yelling at Jill "Your daughter can't dance!"

Everytime Kendal gets a dance she always have an excuse just Incase she doesn’t win. It’s always “I never had to dance with…” or “I’m going up against Nia with boys in her trio.”

The two girls who tried to present dancing with a guy where good but the choreography was bad… there was to less interaction with the "guy"

That's not right I think kendall's duet should've won 1. Bc I dont like brynn 2.the dance was annoying. Dont come at me it my opinion

sorry but Kendall always flops through her routines, like she swift’s through it without doing it completely, she doesn’t detain every dance move like kalani did,

When maddie was there, Kendall was desperate to be considered maddies duet partner even tho it was really claddie and then she started doing duets with Kalani… see the pattern

i’m not even being rude , kendall really isn’t all that. she’s a good dancer but i’ve seen so many dancers who have a better technique then she does . she dances lazy in my opinion.

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