Dance Moms: JoJo Dances for Her Grandmother (Season 5 Flashback) | Lifetime


I don’t agree when people say Melissa only cares about her own children because she cries a lot for the other kids xx

I started crying for no reason when she said back corners are the best! Her, chloe and nia were the strongest girls on the team

Jojo got the sass
Kendal got the class
Nia is strong
Mackenzie is a song
Maddie got the face

Abby’s takes up space!⬛️

I cannot believe that this didn’t place the song her costume and her dance was so beautiful it was like one of the most beautiful local solos i’ve ever seen Jojo do

Some of my favorite moments are when after serious or pretty numbers Abby and Gia look over at the parents. They live for those reactions, because it tells them that they did good as choreographers.

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When you look at jojo's back when they are having lunch a little girl have the same hair as jojo that's sooooo cute

This was absolutely heartbreaking for me to watch. My grandfather died of colon cancer, my mother had stage 3 colon cancer before she died 3 years ago, and my 25 year old brother was diagnosed with colon cancer just a few months ago.
How precious is it that she was able to dance for her grandma. Those moments are so special ❤️

I just cried all over again look at Jojo now selling out concerts all over your gma is definitely watching hun😇😇🙏🏾

What a beautiful dance and tribute to Jojo's grandma. I recently have been diagnosed with stage 4 Color Cancer. I start Chemo on Christmas Eve day. May God be with you all.

Jojo is gorgeous and doesn't need the distraction of a seriously bad padded bra costume. She would have looked way cuter if the top was tight to her chest.

I appreciate JoJo here. She is so calm and actually feels like a person. I can't imagine what she was going through with her grandmother at the time, but really acts very mature here. Its refreshing.

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