Dance Moms: Is Abby Abandoning the Team (Season 6 Flashback) | Lifetime


Omg come on GET up off your but and find a dance teacher you don’t need Abby is just one other dance teacher on a chart so go get a dance teacher

Fun fact: In a article or a interview, the reason why something Abby wasn’t there was the producers wanted a dance that one of the girl are a teen that’s pregnant. Abby, of course fought back. Also yes, sometimes for the jail situation.

I for some reason I feel bad for Abby because she has to put up with the moms🙄 When they were at her car I would have the urge to run over them😂

Jill was like “Oh you didn’t get your hair done? Then Abby was like “ um yes I did” Then Jill was like, oh….

Sorry Abby but isn’t teaching dance your number one priority not getting your hair done. And if dance isn’t your priority maybe you should give up teaching and let someone else

idk why the moms are so obsessed with having Abby there. I agree with Abby in the sense that she should not have to be there all the time if they know what she expects from them. Plus they have a teacher that Abby trusts will do the job…

think about it. cancer can cause people to mentally become very unstable and that’s what Abby was like in the last couple seasons. What if these were all signs of her cancer?

Even though sometimes these moms fights, they are still my fave moms(including christi and kelly if possible) in the show with their kids❤ If only they can come back in the show together😂❤

You know what I think that Abby neglected the team afterwards in seson 7 and mid way threw 6 because Maddie and Mackenzie left.

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