Dance Moms: Full Dance – Widows (Season 8) | Lifetime


I think the reason this dance didn't win was because it was misunderstood and slightly inappropriate

The costumes were super pretty though 💕😍

What I got from the dance
Man in the coffin:Brady
The girls upset: the girls onstage
The girls happy: the moms after Brady left

i don't wanna offend anyone but i really liked the elite competition team from season 1 all the way to 7, i really miss the elite team

The transition was was to quick tbh they should’ve waited like 2 counts or three and I saw a comment abt a reveal that’s a rlly good idea and would help the concept. I feel like this was also kinda rude 😂 idk I feel like this was an excuse for Abby to be able to say they can’t do it without Brady or something

To be real here, it’s not really the girls’ fault they got fourth, that one transition just didn’t make sense to anyone

Lol I actually thought that this was about them being sad that their loved one is gone and the happy part is them celebrating their lives while they were still alive but from what I’ve read in the comments it’s actually about them pretending to mourn and be sad but then partying like that didn’t even care about them.

This dance is probably one of my favorites. Their emotion was great near the end. I love the conclusion of the coffin. I thought they did great with it, especially Lilliana! She showed that she is a hard worker, and determined to make the team win. She woke up, got her act together and performed mature. Everyone’s acting skills were spectacular. I also loved the turn sequence in the middle of the routine. The costumes are very nice and they had great facial expressions. But technique wise they could’ve done better! I thought they did an amazing job in the group dance this week!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I think this would have been better as two separate dances
One where it’s all about mourning and becoming widows
And another almost ballroom style jazz dance

Am I the only one who feels like this dance is kinda offensivie and inapropriate? There are people that are actually widows

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