Dance Moms: Full Dance – Possessed (Season 8) | Lifetime

Oh, yeah, Pressley! I’m a little nervous, but
I’m super excited to complete my solo, because I
get to do a backbend and I get to stick my
tongue out like this. Up next on the
DreamMaker stage, let’s welcome Pressley
with “Possessed.” [APPLAUSE] I think there’s a lot of
pressure riding on this, because it’s,
like, a hard dance, and she said I was on
the chopping block. But if I perform really
well, then I’ll probably be Miss Abby’s favorite. [MUSIC- GRAYSON VOLTAIR & DEXTER
twinkle, little star. Up above the world so high
Like a diamond in the sky. What you are. Twinkle, twinkle, little star. How I wonder what you are. [APPLAUSE] The musicality is great. She’s smart. Smart dancer.


They played the song that kenzie brynn and kalani danced to in the world is ours at the end (i loved that trio so much)

3 thoughts about this video:
1) Pressley absolutely killed it.
2) Lifetime needs to stop cutting dances for fake drama
3) The camera men should pick 1 or 2 angles and stick with them for the entire routine. The switching of angles throughout the video is SO distracting to the performance! I can't believe the camera men are allowed onstage now just to get these terrible angles! Please just film from the front!

Did anyone of you heard the music of Brynn, Kalani and Mackenzie's trio "World is ours" at the end of the video?

Pressley did great with this solo, however I would’ve liked Lilliana to perform it (which she originally was supposed to) because her contortion would’ve given me a more possessed vibe

The biggest deal with them cutting solos is that those solos are The geatest of each episode… This one, Bady's, the gemini duet… C'mon men…

I swear once they do a halloween dance and an it dance, they’ll have all my favorite horror movies covered 😂 (I can’t stand the music for this solo though sadly)

I am so mad they need to stop cutting solos this is one of my favorite solos and even Abby called her a smart dancer!!

Please keep all dances full length and air all dances from the competition. Dump the pyramid. It wastes 4 hours of your time. We get plenty of the grousing from the moms, and I’m sick of everyone’s replaceable.hearing it over and over.

If feel like Presley has a special face, like Maddie did. But the face is more suiting for a scary piece. Like that face is giving me chills. Lol. “The Presley face”😂😁

Omg, that was SO a good! This is why Pressley’s my favorite! (Forgive me of I spelt her name wrong!)

Did anybody else notice they used the music from Mackenzie, Brynn and Kalanis solo "The world is ours" from 1:46 to 1:58?

I’m annoyed instead of ppl moaning about how either the dance was cut or they should post full dances, y don’t we praise Pressley for how good she was on her solo. She is far too underrated by Abby. If you think about it, yes she has stuff that she needs to work on like her technique and her pointing but as soon as she works on them she will probably the best dancer on the team.

The way she holds herself is amazing. Her facial expressions on point.
The way she sends that story across to the judges is unbelievable and unique. If I was the other dancers on the team I would be very careful.


This is NOT the full solo. On the UK tour in april pressley performs this solo, also in some clips it looks like she teleported. In the UK, when she perform its obviously longer than this. Stop lying and actually post the full solo.

why does it say "full dance" even though its not! Pressley performed this Solo somewhere else and it had more parts!

okay lifetime, you uploaded a few unaired dances, SO NOW UPLPAD THEM ALL PLEASE (most of us prefer the dancing over all the drama)

I love how Lily gave Pressley water after the dance was over when the solo was originally actually hers… like she didnt cause any drama and didnt break any friendships.💙❤ precious

I bleed the blood of Jesus over these young dancers that are subjected to evil by their own parents. Doing interpretive dance about a number entitled “possessed” is HIGHLY SPIRITUALLY DANGEROUS!! Would this mom feel surprised to know she is inviting unclean spirits into her daughters life? Encouraging the generationally curse and those to enter her innocent daughters being?? It’s true and this is serious! There is a spiritual battle at hand and without Jesus Christ, anyone is left for the enemy satan. Deception is very common for those lost but HEAR ME WHEN I TELL YOU MOMS- our actions affect our daughters- our past junk is dumped I. Them – we must battle this, spiritually, only by becoming born again in Jesus Christ. Without becoming Born again Christians – we cannot understand the things that only God can reveal. God Bless

The dance was good. However, I I guess I expected the music to be the theme from the Exorcist since she mentioned Linda Blair when she told Presley what dance she was doing. I know there are two other Exorcist films, a prequel, and a TV show where "Twinkle Little Star" was done. Still, very nicely done and I did get the creeps from watching this. Awesome job Presley! Btw, on my channel, I did a vid where I sing "Ring Around the Roses" like a child before having my voice go demonic at the end.

If they put in a bed then Presley coming like out from under it or something like that it would have made it 10x better

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