Dance Moms: Full Dance – Lilly’s Solo “Black Widow” (Season 8) | Lifetime


We all would much rather see the dances than the drama. Maybe you'll get more viewers if you don't cut out dances especially incredible first place solos like this one!

The show is DANCE moms, not bitchy moms. They shouldn’t cut dances out, especially if it wins 1st and is beautiful choreography like this

I think Black Widow is better than Strait Jacket… Idk why, but I don't like Strait Jacket, she looks scared and only do jumps… In this dance she has incredible tricks

Lily is an absolutely gorgeous dancer but I don't think the aldc is the right place for her. She could THRIVE with the right choreography and training. look at Eli and Savannah – 2 dancers that are absolutely KILLING IT in the dance world. I feel like this is the Brynn story all over again. Both some of the best dancers in the country and then they slowly start losing there passion/ are not recognised for the dancers they really are and are just shown doing 'pretty lyrical.'

She is amazing!! Super talented! Will go far in her dance career!
Anyone that would give her a thumbs down is a really jealous and vindictive person.

This girl needs to try rhythmic gymnastics if she doesn’t already. She would crush. (I don’t watch the show, I’m down a YouTube deep dive, someone send me some scuba gear 😹)

This is one of the best solos Abby has ever put out on stage. This is honestly the only solo of hers that I believe could be performed at TDA and place with it. If Lilly has to take any of Abby’s solos to a big comp, this should be the one. She performed amazingly!!!

I can’t believe lifetime wouldn’t air this and she got first place for this dance. They aired instead the two others that were bottom of the pack and replaced good dancing with yelling! Oh I can’t. We watch the show for the DANCE! I’m just saying. Amazing solo! For all her hard work this deserved to air! 💗

I’ve watched dance moms since S1 and used to be a dancer myself and I have NEVER been more intrigued and impressed by a dance in my LIFE more than this one, especially at her age this is just incredible and her CONTORTIONS!!!! I love her, I hope she continues dancing

While Lilly did perform this AMAZINGLY, displaying her incredible technique, I wish her choreography didn't have as many tricks. It felt a bit like watching a gymnastics routine…she could be challenged far more with raw, abstract contemporary choreography like you see professional contemporary companies perform. However, she does perform this solo very well and it does highlight many of her advanced skills and attributes as a dancer 🙌😁

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