Dance Moms: Full Dance – GiaNina’s Solo “Big Shot” (Season 8) | Lifetime

ANNOUNCER: This is entry number
75, GiaNina, with “Big Shot.” Woo [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC – MARIO GRINGOROV
AND GLACÉIA ADEL HENDERSON, “HELLO BIG SHOT”] (SINGING) Hello, big shot. I’ll get you. Hello, big shot,
coming to your door. Hello, big shot. Make me wait no more. Hello, big shot,
tired of waiting. Hello, big shot, snuck
through your door. Hello, big shot. What you waiting for? Hello, big shot,
think I got you. Hello, big shot,
swing me to the floor. Hello, big shot. I know you want more. At the break of dawn,
just before sunrise, all sunny in the morning,
where I can be yours. In the afternoon, I
have to work at 6:00. Whenever you want me,
whenever you need me, just come see me soon. Hello, my darling. Won’t you come on over? He’s into kisses and
your hugs make me sober. And when you’re
ready to just leave, the door is open for my baby. Don’t you dare forget me. [VOCALIZING] Hello, big shot. Yes, I got ya. Hello, big shot. You have opened your door. Hello, big shot. Take me now. I’m yours. I’m yours. [APPLAUSE]


no shade, idk if she was nervous or something but every time she does pirouettes (at least in this solo), she does something wrong or almost falls.

hello big shot, I gotta love that costume tho

She's such an amazing dancer, Abby does like her xx
she looks better doing this style tbh but it does make sense that her mom want her to have lyrical cus they win the most,, her smirks in this dance gave me lifee

I know it sounds like I'm just saying it but she's my fav in season 8,,, I rlly hope that she's back in the team if there season 9 💋💕xo

UGH I just adore this solo, I think it suits GiaNina so well and the energy and sass is just so entertaining and makes you smile. The costume just looks gorgeous on her and the music is so fun! Definitely one of my favorites of the season, if not my absolute favorite and it's a shame that they didn't air it.

Ok, I know this is like two seasons ago but how come Kalani got to dance in the juniors when she was 13 and same with Brooke?

Okay so they post the full, high quality version of this without the weird circling camera angles but cant do the same for Its Not My Fault and others?????

I wish there had been a sassy musical theatre trio with Savannah, Gianina and Sarah. I think it would have been iconic

u should c brynns solo when she was 9 (it was on her channel) just type "Brynn musical theatre solo" it looks so similar :O

i would love to see Gianina with slower choreography she is making everything look harder and it would be nicer to see her not rushing and letting her focus more on technique instead of rushing to the next step

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