Dance Moms: Full Dance – GiaNina’s “Crossroads” (Season 8) | Lifetime


It's funny how if Abby ever wants to win in an argument with GiaNina's mom, she can't use the 'call me when your daughter's on broadway' excuse

gia did great, her lines and musicality have improved so much since the start of the season. she really should have made top 3

Can we all just take a minute and look at that beautiful beautiful costume. One of the prettiest costumes of all seasons, probably the prettiest costume in this season so far.
I think she did good job, maybe not for first place, but better than 7th. I feel like this dance was too easy for her. She should get more difficult solos.

Gia reminds me of Maddie in this dance because of her facial expressions and costume.😍 Her costume looks like Maddie’s “happiness” costume!

I thought she did beautiful.. regardless of her performance score GiaNina proved she can dance and play a character

I’m starting to warm to this new team and they’re all talented dancers in their own right but no team will ever replace the original girls and those who came along till season 7, for example, this solo isn’t the equivalent of a Maddie solo, kalani solo, Chloe solo etc. it’s not the same quality of dancing while it is still great and a million times better than I could ever do! 😂 it’s just not the same without Abby’s own dancers that have her training I guess is what I’m trying to say, those girls really had and still have something..

I think she did a good job. She just doesn’t have pretty feet to me. When you compare her to dancers such as Lily, Eliana, or Kalani she looks almost flat footed…there is not much of and arch to her toe points. She needs to work on her flexibility too. I know she prefers this style but I think she’s so much better at Jazz.

I mean she got 7th overall ! Not 7th in her age division.. the overalls are combined with minis juniors in seniors so that’s not bad at all .. also other members of her team competed that they didn’t air ! This solo was good ❤️

Thank you, Lifetime, for showing us the dance mainly from one good angle. It takes away so much from the performance when the camera angle changes so many times!

For the first time eevveeerr dance moms producers don't change the camera angle 3 times per second wooww I love this filming from one angle and it's the front I hope they keep doing it

It’s soo sadthat Abby HATES this amazing child I see something’s in her that in the future she’l be a star I just know it!!
I feel bad for her look how beautiful she is it’s sad they have to heavily edit this show 🖤

Honestly this is my favorite solo the whole season. I love song and costume. I think Gia did amazing and wished she places higher. But in the episode with commentary she said this was the good dance so ig she messed up in the judges version

I think Gianina did a beautiful job but if she was a little more balanced on her leg hold she would’ve score a little higher I’m extremely proud of her she did a wonderful job her facial expressions were on point and her technique was amazing so that’s all I can say

I don’t get why this got 7th. This was actually one of the best solos I’ve ever seen. She pointed her feet, she gave expressions she used a lot of Technique, everything was honestly almost perfect. Seriously why did she get 7th?! She was amazing.

My super unpopular opinion : I know that their personality, their flexibility,… mostly everything seem really different, but somehow Giannia's lyrical give me the same feeling that Chloe did (???)
Btw sorry for my English

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