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i met ellie about 2 years ago at a class she’s an amazing dancer and it’s sad other ppl don’t think that :/

Loving these full dances with good angles lifetime! Keep up the good work, just don’t forget bout the unaired moments!

I love this dance so much she is such an amazing dancer and I'm sad she is leaving because we won't see more of her beautiful performances but at the end I think it's the best for her as a dancer this shows enviroment is so toxic. The best for her and Savannah!

This is really unpopular but i hate watching dance moms lyrical dances. They're all just the same moves and nothing special. But other styles like contemporary can have some interesting moves that we haven't seen before they doing. I'd like to see them do jazz funk group dance because that would look great and they haven't do that style so much !

I am personally not a fan of Elliana’s dancing, but how on earth did she paced 2nd?! She was amazing on this performance!

My theory: the producers have Abby choreograph 4 dances ao they can pick the 3 with the most drama to air

You know the drill!!!❤️❤️💕

1. Lilly
2. Ellie
3. Sarah
4. Hannah
5. Gianina
6. Presley
7. Brady
8. Kamryn
9. Abby
0. Gianna

Comment who u got!!❤️❤️💕🐷

In season seven I thought Lilly was better than Eli but now Eli is better Lilly is still good but there is something about Eli’s dancing that Lilly’s doesn’t have. No hate to Lilly though she is much better than me and I am sure that she is better than Eli in areas but overall IMO Eli is better.

I don't know you guys but i HATE the circle in the upper right corner who keeps popping out through the video is so annoying, i'm the only one? because no one ever say something about it????? 🤔🤔🤔🤔😋

honestly her and brady’s technique are far superior than the other’s. she dances so beautiful i love her so much. she is my favorite along with hannah. <3

I'm sorry but the show makes it seem like Lily is so above Elliana and that she is regressing but she has won the dance awards and done some amazing things and has really improved but the show want drama which i do live for but not when it's generally not true

I feel like this was more of a sad dance but she expressed it differently. Her face almost made it seem like she was happy. But the dance was beautiful

Last digit of your like is who you are!

1 Maddie
2 Kalani
3 Mackenzie
4 Asia
5 Chloe
6 Nia
7 Lily
8 Sarah
9 Kendal
0 pick anybody

Who are you?

Elianna is absolutely gorgeous she performed what she was giving beautifully.. she’s a star with or without the show 🖤🙏🏾

Her turns weren't the best, i think her lines are totally beautiful but she needs to work on her turns. Just my opinion.

Everyone is saying that Lilliana is more flexible than Elliana but no, I feel like Elliana is more leg flexible and lilliana is more back. (Or the other way around idk)

Elli doesn't regressed. This solo is the best solo of season 8 kisses.
She's really underrated, her technic is stronger 😍

I'm not saying the choreography was bad, but it didn't do her any justice. The show made Elliana seem like she couldn't touch Lily, which isn't true. What would've been interesting for the viewer, and better for Elliana is her being given more challenging choreo. I wasn't suprised at all when Lily won, and not even because I even think one is better than the other. It would've been a lot more interesting if they were both given challenging choreo bc it wouldn't have been as predictable. There's no way this choreo would do a dancer like Elliana any good. If you've watched Elliana's solo's that were choreographed OUTSIDE the show you'd laugh at how different it is. Elliana is literally a prodigy and it's so disappointing the show made her look the way it did. :((

To be honest I’m not trying to be rude Lilliana great an all but Elliana so underrated and when Eli dances there’s just something very special like raw talent

So I didn’t realize her last name was Walmsley for a while. When I was younger, there was a girl on my grade called that… coincidence or doppelgänger?

Abby can’t choreographe for Elliana. She is Waayyy better for Dance Moms and the Aldc. Just compare this dance to Existence part 2!

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