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get is what you see. I won’t pretend
I’m what you need. There’s no in between. This is take or leave. All right, guys. Let’s play Pictionary. Yes! Yeah, let’s do that. I’m going to pick out of
this bowl a piece of paper. And I’m going to show them, but
I’m not going to show you guys. So you guys have to guess,
and I have a minute. So will you time it? Yeah, I’ll time
it on my phone. – OK.
– All right. That’s a good one.
– Oh, that’s good. – You guys see it?
– [INAUDIBLE], are you done? BRADY: Yeah. PLAYER: Yep. ALL: Three, two, one. [TIMER TICKING] Happy face.
Smiley face. A face.
A smiley face. – Smile.
– A person. A person. A mad person. Oh, the kissy face emoji.
[DING] Yeah! Emoji. [KISS] GIRL: All right. Can I have the timer? [LAUGHING] How are you supposed to–
[INTERPOSING VOICES] I’m showing you the
phone so you don’t look. Brady’s cheating.
I can see his eyes. Brady’s cheating. BRADY: No, I’m not. Just look the
other way, Brady. My palms–
OK. [INAUDIBLE] ALL: 1, 2, 3! [TIMER TICKING] – I can’t–
– Hurry up. Draw fast. A square. [LAUGHS] A cowboy. – Abraham Lincoln.
– A farmer. Yeah! Yeah! Wait, really? It’s Abraham Lincoln! [MUSIC PLAYING] That’s crazy! That’s actually really crazy. I’m like, a cowboy, a farmer! [INAUDIBLE] GIRL: You should’ve
drew a beard. ALL: 3, 2, 1. [TIMER TICKING] Ocean. Mountain, mountain. Climbing a mountain.
– Mountain climber. Hiking, hiking. Mount Everest. Falling off a cliff. Cliff jumping. What is this? What is this?
– Snowboarding! Surfing!
[DING] Yes! I’m like, what is this? [LAUGHING] OK. 3, 2, 1. [TIMER TICKING] NASA. Space. Space shuttle. Astronaut. Submarine! Scuba diver. Light– like, traffic light? Oh, I know what it is. [BUZZER] Sushi! [RECORD SCRATCHING] ALL: How is that sushi? That literally looks like
a person sitting on a box. The person– the person– it’s– A person sitting on a box. –hand, the chopsticks– OK, wait, the hand. The chopsticks, the–
– OK– [INTERPOSING VOICES] Brady, it looks
like a traffic light. [CAR HONKING] OK, ready? Yes. GIRL: 3, 2, 1. [TIMER TICKING] [INTERPOSING VOICES]
– Banana? Banana? Palm tree. I forgot what it looks like! Palm trees. The Wi-Fi symbol. [DING] Yeah, it’s Wi-Fi. I didn’t know what
Wi-Fi looks like. It’s the thing I’ve
been doing on my pillow for the past, like, 10 years. 1, 2, 3. [TIMER TICKING] A leaf. No. A tree. A flower. Oh, mistletoe. Yeah! [KISS] OK, ready? 3, 2, 1. [TIMER TICKING] [INAUDIBLE] a devil. Cat, cat. Devil, cat. Animals, animals. Dogs, animals. Animal emojis. Cat, dog, cat, dog, cat, dog. Raining cats and dogs. Raining cats and dogs. Raining cats and dogs, yeah. GIRL: Yes. [MEOWING AND BARKING] If I wanted to, I could
draw a cute cat, maybe. Actually, yeah– Sarah, that was good. That’s not– I want a devil. Ready? 3, 2, 1. [TIMER TICKING] [INTERPOSING VOICES]
– Left, Brady. Left. Brady, you should go
further to the left. Alien. [INAUDIBLE] Oh, giraffe? [INAUDIBLE] elephants. – Does anybody–
– No– Ballet! [DING] No, but– GIRL: He did the dance move. I didn’t do anything.
I went like this. Well, that’s a point, too.
And [INAUDIBLE]– – I went like this.
– That’s good. I say that’s fine.
– Oh, yeah. You can’t go like this. [INTERPOSING VOICES] – Next person to–
– Really? Yes. He moved– he went like this. Next person to do that
doesn’t get a point. ALL: 3, 2, 1. – You have to–
– Person. – –go to the left.
– Duck? Rubber duck?
– Clock. Time.
– Submarine. Diamond ring. – Stick figure.
– Feet. Model. Butterfly? What has that? Antennas. Angel. – Fly.
– Sleeping. – Sleeping.
– Sleepwalking! [DING]
– Yeah. Avocado.
[DING] BRADY: A donut.
An avocado. [DING] Time flies. [DING]
– A plane. Flower pot. Spring. Roller coaster. Head phones. Weights. Gym. – Icon.
– Knees. Knees.
[DING] Yeah! Person riding a bike. [DING] Ice cream. Ice cream cake. [DING] Ready? I don’t want to do this. 3, 2, 1. [TIMER TICKING] To the left. Sorry.
I forgot. A cat. PLAYER: No A [INAUDIBLE] Gia. A Siamese cat. A butterfly. I can’t draw this. Keep– keep going. How? A butterfly. A butter cat. – I think I know what it is.
– A bumblebee. A bumblebee. A caterpillar. Koala.
[DING] Yes. Yay! [INTERPOSING VOICES] It doesn’t look like a
koala, but knowing you, I figured it would be a koala. 1, 2, 3. [TIMER TICKING] Person? Smiling? – Cowboy.
– Cowboy. Pirate.
– Farmer. [DING]
– Yeah! Pirate. [ROOSTER CROWING] We won! Whoo! Oh, yeah! Booyah! We won. You guys are the losers. Oh, yeah. [MUSIC PLAYING] Let’s recreate some pictures
from each other’s Instagram. Whoo! [INAUDIBLE] fun. You have to do that. OK. OK. All right, ready? 1, 2, 3. OK. I have one, but I think
it’s going to be hard, and I need a partner. I wanna be the partner. Is this going
to be really hard? GIRL: Yeah, that’s really hard. Which one? So you need to go– So I go here. Like– like that. Wait, do you want
it like this way or– And you need to,
like, handstand on– But she’s like– you’re
handstanding on his back leg. OK. [STAMMERING] OK, wait. – What do I do?
– OK. Who wants the picture? OK. Kick up. Here, Brady, help. [LAUGHS] OK. No, you’re gonna go– Oh, no. Wait. [SCREAMING] Hurry. OK. Hands like– Sorry. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Can’t stay up. Hannah, hold the other leg. Oh, my god. [INTERPOSING VOICES] LILLY: 1, 2, 3. You got it! We got it! GIRL: We got it. GIRL: It’s not the best,
but actually, that’s pretty good, to be honest. GIRL: That’s good. [WORDLESS SINGING] You look good in glasses. I know [INAUDIBLE]
not wear glasses. Well, I don’t think I
look good in glasses. I know. They, like, blind you. Lilly looks cute. Oh, you look so adorable. I can’t see what I’m
doing on my phone at all. [LAUGHING] That is perfect. I’m pretty sure
I’m more blind now. Wait, what? Don’t get us in the picture. That is not what
my face looks like. Ready? You look like a cow. 1– [INAUDIBLE] 1, 2, 3. That is not what I look like. The next one I’m going
to do is one of Pressley, and have a really
good one, ’cause I think she looks really cute. And so I’m going to do this one. [SCREAMS] – [INAUDIBLE]
– OK. That was a selfie. [INAUDIBLE] – She’s like– she’s like–
– [INAUDIBLE] Go like this, like– Then I can do this. She’s like– I think I got it. I think I got it. Pressley, do one. Do you have one on Brady’s? Yeah, I think I– I think I found one. Oh, that one’s really hard. Oh, the three bridges.
That was so fun. GIRL: OK, that was really good.
Wait, wait, let’s do it. You gotta take off
your shoes, ’cause I don’t want to have to– Oh, guys, I have yellow– I have bright yellow socks on. – They’re better than mine.
– Ew. – Look at mine.
– Ew. Ready?
OK. So– Ew, Brady took off his shoes! They’re Vans, OK? [INTERPOSING VOICES] You’re not supposed
to wear socks with Vans. Yes, you are. You’re supposed to
wear no-show socks. OK.
Hannah? Hannah, you have to make–
Get ready. I’ll move your feet. Which way do I
have to pick you up? – Hey, stop moving.
– Stop moving your feet. Where do your
feet go [INAUDIBLE] Oh, my god.
OK. I have a dress on.
I just realized that. Wait, Press– OK. My feet go on her legs– Brady, stop moving! [INTERPOSING VOICES] [LAUGHING] Why’d you push me down? OK, ready? And Pressley, your knees
have to be straight, please. [INTERPOSING VOICES] OK. OK, go. OK, that’s one. OK. Put your feet flat. OK, OK. You need to straighten
your legs, Pressley. Straighten your legs. OK [INAUDIBLE]. I can’t really get up, Lilly. [INAUDIBLE] Somebody hold Pressley. Get up, get up. [INTERPOSING VOICES] I’ve got your feet. I can’t breathe! [INAUDIBLE] [SCREAMING] Got it. I got the picture. [INAUDIBLE] down! Guys. I got the picture.


They should react to "Girl's Guide to Life" you know? The old Slumber Party thing๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚โคโค๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

Hi guys I love dance moms I really love watching it and I feel bad for you guys because you have to deal with Abby and I feel bad for Gianna because I think Abby could be nice and give Her a solo

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