Dance Moms: Dance Digest – Winter’s War (Season 6) | Lifetime


did anybody else see other aldc members in the background right behind the competion team near the end during the awards??

If they were actual professional dance judges then they wouldn’t have knocked points for stupid costume pieces falling on the floor, unless it truly affected the dance

Abby put Maddie's best friends on Maddie's side and she put Mackenzie's best friends in Mackenzie's side

I thought it was cool how Abby put some of the big kids on Mackenzies team and how they were separated by colors in rehearsal

Maddie you’re going against your sister and you’re saying everybody knows that you’re the winner🤯😱😣

The whole time off this performance my eye was just drawn to Maddie, also she is sooooooo pretty ☺️ I’m also really happy that Maddie and Kenzie got to have main parts together it just shows they are both amazing members of the team .

I thought the costume pieces coming off was a part of the dance. Kenzie was ice queen leaving trails of ice as she battled. and towards the beginning it looked like maddie intentionally pulled a bit off

Me like 5 seconds ago
when the music start playing
Me:what song is this?????
Me:oh wait caslte AHHHHH my fav I LOVE THIS AHHHHH

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