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So your nationals
this weekend, it’s Fearless Dance Competition. And all I care about, you
guys, this week is winning. The group number is going
to be called “Survivor.” I love that. It’s going to be a
contemporary piece, but I’m putting in a
ballroom influence. Oh, interesting. You know, dancing is my world,
but there’s a certain type of dancing that’s my world. And this is my world. If it’s [bleep]—-
if it sucks, then I look like a horrible teacher. The girls are gonna
be doing salsa, ballroom infused Latin style dancing. They don’t know how to
do any ballroom dancing. Like– and we’re
gong into nationals. Probably not the best week
to try a new style of dance. Let’s go. Survival of the fittest. Come on. I think this week
is a big eye opener. Yes, it’s the nationals. We want the kids to go out. We want them to dance. We want them to win. But I think that
more than anything, we wanted to prove that
we could win without Abby. Mhm. This might be the last
time some of those kids ever compete on stage again. Mm. 5, 6, 7, 8. 1, a 2, 3, a 4,
5, 6, sharp, stop. You guys are not
on a straight line. 1, 2, a 3, 4, 5. Do it again. Kalani, you missed the count. You’re the point. So just know it. OK? Do it again. I’m just in struggle
city right now. My ankle is killing me, so I
have to really focus and put my game face on because we
have nationals tomorrow, and we cannot lose. Straighten your
arms, [inaudible].. Watch your lines. You know, girls, like, I
know I’m picky right now, but it just looks so sloppy. People are doing their own
version of what this dance is. We have to dance in unison. It’s nationals. Win or lose, I want you guys to
feel that you gave it your all. [cheering] It’s weird to walk
into competition and know that this
could be the last time they ever compete on stage. Is this really the end of this
incredible journey for us? This is nationals. There’s no other way to do
this but full out, times 100. I want you guys to be the
best versions of yourself, each and every
single one of you. I really do. Here we are on the west coast. Abby has left us. And you know what? These kids worked really hard. This is their last dance. This is what people are
going to remember them by. Oh my god. Why do I– She put us all on stage. Wait, what’s going on? Her nose is [inaudible]. Oh, god. Chloe, Jesus. Put something
cold on your neck. Put that cold water
bottle on your neck. Yeah, is there an ice pack?
Here. Oh my gosh. Why did Chloe choose right
now to spontaneously bleed? Can I have that? Clearly she’s
feeling the pressure. Are you OK? Let me see. Let me see. Let me see. The show must go on. ANNOUNCER: Ladies
and gentlemen, please give it up for “Survivor.” [applause] [music playing] Whoo! [applause] Yay! Yay! We did it, guys. We did it. We did it. And our moms gave us 10’s. I know, did you see that? Our top three
groups of the day. This is the highest
scoring groups of the day. This is nationals. This is our last chance to win. There’s no next week. Win now or go home losers. Our top overall of the day
goes to– drumroll, please? [drumroll] Number 54, “Survivor.” [cheering] [applause] Irreplaceables are the
west coast national champs. Abby couldn’t do that. They were able to achieve
the west coast national win. So we have so much
to thank you for. To see all of these
girls on stage today, dancing at that
level, with that conviction– it was like we had our
old daughters back. OK, I love you guys. Don’t stop. Don’t stop. [crying] I love you guys. No, don’t think about it. I love you. I don’t want to leave.


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Tell Abby I you can tell her i love her so so much and I would love love to meet her and I want to give her a great great present that ganna make her cry it's something fluffy cute adorable it barks (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

I love nia she’s not only one of my favorites but she was under a contract for 6 seasons but chose to go on and she has grown her own voice now she can talk for her self not saying she couldn’t but now she can

En la miniatura… Chloe parecía Hadley (ya saben la chica de la Gran competencia… a la que dijeron "animal atropellado") xdxd

ur not supposed to lean back during a nosebleed. youll just end up swallowing all that blood and induce vomiting. its best to lean forward and let the blood drain out while pinching the bridge. it stops faster that way too

I mist that they did this in the Abby Lee company wait some people are missing where is Maddie and McKenzie and bring and all the others

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