Dance Moms: Dance Digest – “Dance in the Rain” (Season 5) | Lifetime


You know the drill…
1. Maddie 💖
2. Kenzie 😋
3. Kalani 😊
4. Nia 😍
5. Jojo 🤩
6. Kendall 💗
7. Khloe 😇
8. Brynn 😘
9. Abbey 🤯
0. Giana 🤗

Comment who you got! 😀

Cathy prove abby is greater than her…why? Because cathy can't even do her job…she use other people to win..

no one:
literally no one:
absolutely no one:
not even jesus:

ALDC group chat

Maddie: Guys What should we wear today?
Kenzie: How about the green sports bra and the matching pants???
Jojo: You mean the shiny one?
Kenzie: Yess!
Jojo: Yess!
Kendall: I’ll wear that, it’s really cute!!!
Maddie: Yass me too!
Nia: Um I have a similar top, but I don’t have the shorts…
Jojo! It’s okay I don’t have a matching bow
Maddie: Nia, then wear black shorts
Nia: Ok
Kalani: I have the top but not the bottoms…
Kenzie: then wear the black shorts, like Nia!
Kalani: Ok, me and Nia have matching shorts!
Nia: Yess lets do that!!!
Brynn: Uhh guys… I don’t have the top OR the bottoms…
Jojo: Then just wear a green sports bra and green shorts that aren’t sparkly
Brynn: uhh I have a green top but it’s a spaghetti top…
Maddie: Hmmm…
Kenzie: Ok wear that but umm… wear black shorts like Nia and Kalani!!!
Brynn: ok!

Btw I found this somewhere but I can’t find the rightful owner and it was on a different rehearsal…

Cathy just because that choreographer beated Abby one time docents mean your team is going to win to, it’s also about technique

You Know The Drill
0. Maddie
1. Mackenzie
2. Chloe
3. Paige
4. Brooke
5. Nia
6. Kendall
7. Brynn
8. Liliana
9. Elliana
Now For Moms
0. HOLLY 👑
1. Christi
2. Melissa
3. Jill
4. Kelly
5. Yolanda
6. Ashley
7. Stacy
8. Cathy
9. Abby I Know Shes Not A Mom But I Didn't Have Anyone For 9

last digit of your time is who you are 🙂
3- Maddie
4- Kalani
5- Brynn
6- Kenzie
7- Jojo
8- Paige
9- Brook

i got Nia 💘

Can someone please explain why nia is walking across stage at 4:24 wearing a dress and tiara and doesn’t accept the award with the girls?

Erin Babs always makes weird noises instead of counting the steps in a dance. That would be off putting to me as a dancer

Cathy: Does Abby really think she can come to the east coast and win? I think she’s going home empty handed.
Announcer: In second place! TORN and in first place DANCE IN THE RAIN!
Me: what were you saying Cathy? Haha 🤣

Maddie is great
Kalani- is beautiful
Chloe is nice
Nia is very good
Brooke is stylish
Paige is pretty
Brynn is humble
Kendall is kind
JoJo is hip-hop star
Mackenzie is cutie pie
You all are great!

Anyone else notice the middle kid of CADC slip and fall on the skirt at 3:52
And Nia in a crown and fancy dress walking behind the announcer at 4:23
(edit spelling)

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