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Did anyone else notice Mackenzie wasn’t in any of the rehearsals in this clip but then suddenly appeared at competition?

“They are going to waltz some stranger in here that is like slapping me in the face” is how the dancers feel every time someone Abby brings in to replace them.

Am I the only one who thinks Jojo’s mom (don’t know how to spell her name) looks AWESOME with that ponytail (in the beginning)

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Abby is so RUDE ……….

Nia: what colors should we wear this week?
Others: black!

On secret group chat:
Jojo: what colors should we actually wear this week?
Others: Black and yellow Black and yellow Black and yellow Black and yellow Black and yellow Black and yellow Black and yellow Black and yellow Black and yellow!

Im not trying to throw hate on Kira, but this is certainly Not the first time this woman didn't know what a word meant, or how to pronounce words or even how to repeat big words. I just wanna tell her "honey, if you don't know, please just stay quiet and dont embarrass yourself further! "

Whatever the last number of likes on this comment is who you are

1. Jojo
2 maddie
3. Nia
5. Kalani
6. Kendal
7 Mackenzie
8. Brooke
9. Paige
0. Brynn

Why is Nia the only one not wearing yellow? 😂
Tusandra? Is that how you spell it? Did she say Alessandra or Tusandra? I’m confused. And I think she’s two faced, I don’t like her. She was on Kira’s side then switched to Abby’s side when she realised Kira didn’t organise it with Abby.
The little dresses they wore were sooo cute and the hair was kinda weird but the bows were cute aswell. I think they deserved to come first though.

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