Dance Moms: Dance Digest – Bittersweet Charity (Season 6) | Lifetime


why did the end of the dance when jojo said that idk what she exactly said but the voice sounded like her real voice

At 4:40 the girl with the bun behind nia is the one from one of the open call auditions and she came up to Abby and said give me a second chance

“I’m the first face teacher who doesn’t want their students dancing when they’re hurt”
Makes Paige dance with a broken foot
Makes Payton dance with a broken finger

All the girls' hair was so pretty in this, except for Nia, they really did my girl dirty. She looks stunning as always though

Édit: just saw Mackenzie's and Abby really needs to rethink her choices

Why is no one talking about Brynn?! She's so fabulous and no one is talking about her?! Not hating but… Just bro!

Abby: I am the last person to make somebody dance when their hurt.
Also Abby: Makes Brooke and Paige dance with a painful back and broken foot

That phone call was from another Clip I watched with Kendall and Kalyani's Duet. Idk if that's from the same Episode but I'm pretty sure Kalyani was supposed to say " I don't want to let you guys down"

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