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Kristie is fair af in this, I hate Leslie but don’t lie about what happened especially when she isn’t there to defend herself

Kristie was the realest mom to ever star on this show. I’m not going back and forth with anyone but upper class white woman (not all do relax) but certainly this group of women tend to use very passive aggressive tactics to undermine others. Calling her a “loose Canon” a “fighter” makes Kristie seem trashy and unhinged when every word she said was true. They used the same tactics to undermine Leslie’s character and make Christie look like a victim. “I was assaulted!”… she threw Leslie’s drink on her and just like Kristie said, it didn’t matter that Leslie was talking trash… Christie should have settled herself instead of escalating it by knocking Leslie’s drink all over her. What did she think was going to happen? How many times have they screamed and cursed and gotten close to physical (sometimes in front of their daughters!)? But because Leslie wasn’t there and none of the women present liked Leslie they decided to trash her character while she couldn’t defend herself. I have so much respect for Kristie walking away from this show.

Is anyone gonna talk about how beautiful Kristie's dress is and how nice she looks in it? 👀👗❤

But Kristie was the one that stuck her nose in so it is her fault this argument happened. who agrees

No Kristie that is not what happened. You said that you wanted to leave which then prompted Leslie to be a permenate member on the team. So maybe you should get your facts right.

I’m glad Kristie called Melissa about cursing and gave credit to Holly for being the only one who doesn’t use profanity….

I hate those dance moms💀they are some of the worst most terrible parents ever,they try to burn down others and their kids,cause drama,and manipulate people,Abby should’ve kicked out the problematic ones 💀gosh I hate christie with such a passion

Fricken Asia’s mom is selfish that’s the biggest opportunity you can have and she took it away bc of her own feelings

Kristie kinda needed to butt out of this one, she’s irritating and that really wasn’t any of her business

I love Christi with all my heart she’s one of my favorites, but kristie was correct. Christie started that fight by yelling and smacking that drink out of Leslie’s hand.

Tbh i think it was Leslie's fault because she was the retaliator. Leslie was argue with christi that christi was yell at her. Yes christi flipped over her drink, but even after the camera people stepped in, Leslie kept going at christi.

🤣😂🥰😘😇😢😭😤😡🥶😳🤯🤬😱😰😥🤥🤭🤗😶😵😮😦I love how 3 moms are in the vidoe picture and then they get kicked out

“we don’t like to curse”
“no really don’t”
WHAT?!?! they literally all curse except Holly 💀 its funny bc you would assume the black mother would curse bur she’s never curse in her life

The worst of the Moms,without any doubt, are Jill,Melissa and that harridan Jess and while I do accept that Ashlee has trouble keeping her mouth shut I think the way these three have treated her and her daughter is a disgrace.

Chloe actually didn’t get kicked out. She had to go on a vacation and that part was obviously scripted. So people please stop commenting that you feel bad. But if that did actually happen I would be super sad too. 👍🏼😢 But I think you can say you feel bad for Payton beachside I don’t know if that part was scripted too.

Kristie, u r the weirdest n most idiotic person on this planet!!!!!!!!

She started the fight then she says I can’t stand them and blah blah playing the victim likkkkkkke duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!

Kristie and Asia left

Jill: Kendall can take her part! Now she’ll have two!

Christi and Payton’s mom are gone

Jill: Another part for Kendall! Keep rolling those opportunities!…

Kristie is a bit of a snake tho why tell abby what happened between Christie and Lesley she knew it would cause problems for the girls aswell

If I was Abby I would do same same thing. And what the moms did was wrong. Christi started the fight and tried to blame Leslie. In my opinion Abby and Kristie was right! Don’t come after me it’s MY opinion!

OMG I HAVE A “CONSPIRACY THEROY”!! So in one episode this mom at this audition for Abby said “the moms of the returning kids always drive the moms out.” And the moms said “no we don’t!” AND THEY JUST DROVE KRISTIE OUT!! CONSPIRACY THEROY, I THINK NOT 🤭

everyday before nationals
Asia moms: Abby I am out
Abby: what the heck why
Asia's mom: I can't do it
Abby: with Nationals
Moms: With what you
Asia moms: NO you

Kristie told nothing but the truth. Christi did start it, Jill was lying about what really happened, and Melissa was being a hypocrite.

i dont know why evryone is saying leslie did nothing because.. Christi was minding her own business and talking to someone the lesie goes up to her and yells stop yelling at them when she christie wasn't then she called christi a drunk and chrisi threw her drink and leslie attaked her (Pushed her-tried slapping her ) threw her purse and started fighting and christie did nothing

I believe Kristie wanted to leave all the time so she got into that argument with Chloe's mother just use that as an excuse to leave ALDC, Asia might have had another engagement she had to attend so they had to try to get out of this ALDC Nationals

bro, i kind of like christi by kristie rae, is right. leslie could be rude, but you don’t touch someone. christi did flip her drink and then leslie would not take it, and she had ever right to because she did flip her drink first.

“We don’t curse” Melissa stop lying I see you curse on a lot of episodes 😂
Holly doesn’t curse tho ❤️😂

Kristie was a really good mom. She spoke the truth all the time, and I understand why Kristie left. Ever since the day Kristie joined the team, the other moms didn’t like her.

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