Dance Moms: CHLOE LEAVES MDP (Season 7 Flashback) | Lifetime


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Chloe is an amazing dancer and that is because of Christi. I remember in season 1 when she wanted to quit Christi convinced her to keep going and look at her now. If you need anymore reason to love Chloe and Christi just watch early Dance Moms

you guys know nothing abt competitive dance and it shows lol. MDP welcomed Chloe onto the team without auditioning her like anyone else would have had to do. they made her the lead of the group dance even though she was clearly the weakest dancer and let her sister have a special part. and she wanted to leave because she missed her friends. MDP is really competitive, thats why they win all the time so understandably theyre super serious about coming and leaving the team. it makes sense why they were upset w chloe leaving because imagine bending backwards for someone to be on a team, and then they go back to the old team they were always complaining about

That whole scene with Christi quitting the MDP team was so pointless and unnecessary. Everyone knew what was really going on at the time, and it made no sense when they finally aired the episode.

You know the drill:

1. Chloe
2. Maddie
3. Kalani
4. Nia
5. Kendall
6. Mackenzie
7. Brooke
8. Paige
9. Brynn

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If jill will have said something about kendall, as what christi said about chole, everyone would what hated on jill😒

I don't get why MDP is getting mad after Christi's announcement. I mean, dancers are moving on in their lives, if Chloe wants to come back to the ALDC, I know it's harsh for her dance teacher but if she loves Chloe, she has to let her go.

As parents, you would think the other moms would understand that Christi just wants to do what is best for her daughter's well-being..Her daughter just wanted to be with her friends, and I think it's incredibly important for women to have healthy friendships with other women, especially as they are still growing up! I feel like too many of these parents on these reality shows just completely ignore their children and their mental health because they are trying to live vicariously through their kids…It's despicable.

hi dance mums my name is Isobelle I love your videos on YouTube bye I am going to woch some more videos of all of you all on YouTube

no matter how old christi may get i truly believe she will always be STUNNING now we know where chloe and clara get it from!

I love chole a lot but Maddie and Mackenzie are not there anymore Abby's studio is falling apart cause Maddie and Mackenzie and Melissa are not there anymore But the girls are getting older and they want be there for long
Goodbye good-bye

y’all can say what you want about mdp’s owner but genuinely speaking she’s super cool and respectful and trains great kids

Chloe should’ve never left MDP, she should’ve stayed, it was much better for her, she got more opportunities, forget about friends, go get the opportunity, Abby did nothing but bring her down, Chloe should’ve stayed,so idiotic. I agree with Erin

Best moms : Christi & Holly
Most mature girl : Kalani

P. S. – Chloe is an amazing dancer and she is so sweet. Kalani is so mature ( more than the moms! ) and she is so sweet to wave to Chloe.
BBF Goals!!!

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