Dance Moms: Abby Thinks Melissa Lied to Her (Season 6 Flashback) | Lifetime


I think it's a great thing for Melissa's kids to move on to bigger things but after everything Abby has done maybe Melissa could of handled her better and had the kids there to talk with Abby and not tell her on camera I think she at least owed Abby that much considering everything Abby has done for her kids

Melissa has always been a liar and a master manipulator. She uses people to advance her children’s careers, I don’t trust that woman

Melissa is the most scheming' sly,underhand and untrustworthy woman I have ever seen. Detestable !!!

Everyone knows without Maddie no one will care about Abby. They didn't before the show started and they won't after it's over.

Honestly I hate how the mothers and Abby’s think they have a right to knowing everything about the Ziegler’s life and privacy. They had to move on and if they wanted to keep it to themselves that’s their right. Everyone else is just jealous that their kids aren’t able to move on because they aren’t offered jobs like the Ziegler’s. Also they are involved in contracts and such so sometimes they have to lie and deny certain accusations because they would get in trouble legally otherwise.

BUT SHE DIDNT WANNA CRY WHEN KELLY PAIGE AND BROOKE LEFT. i get that abby and kelly got in a fight but abby and kelly has so much history. you could tell that she didn’t care at all when they left. personally, kelly, christi, and holly are my favorite moms.

Abby Lee Miller is so jealous of Maddie, Kenize + Melissa. Ps Melissa did it in the right way, via her lawyer + she is living through her kids, whether it's Maddie or Kenize.

Its funny hownshe saidnshe put her "income" on the side…and she went to jail for stealing or "withholding" as they called it I think all that money she lied about.

Abby has a point, there should have been an announcement with herself, her daughters, and Abby telling everyone that they’re leaving ALDC. Thats just common courtesy. She wanted a bad reaction by not telling Abby, a ‘friend’/teacher the news in private.

What was holly trying to say in the end? I don’t get what’s so confusing, Abby is happy for where Maddie and Mackenzie have gotten in life but she’s sad that they’re leaving her studio. It’s really not that complicated

abby already knew that melissa only had to stay for six seasons because that’s what their contract said in the first season

All the moms are totally ungrateful for what Abby did for them. Of course Abby is concerned for her business! These women and their daughters would not have millions of fans if not for Abby!

I think it’s horrible that the Ziegler’s DONT talk to Abby. She made them, she got them where they r today and they don’t even give her credit. They pretty much used her

Melissa didn’t defend her kids because she wanted her kids to be famous and after they did and she’s done she left
Melissa is soooo sneaky

Abby keeps telling that Maddie is famous because of her but wait a minute… if Maddie was not in dance moms who would watch abby’s show even??!?!?!?! She is a joke omg WHO WOULD WATCH THAT FAT ABBY??????

Why are Jill and Melissa's legs so shiny?! Like what are they using on their legs cuz I totally want it!!

I remember Mackenzie found it when the other girls did and that was honestly the worst part about this. They should’ve told her before and had her help make the decision about her life.

Can we all just admit that Christi was right the entire time that Melissa used Abby? Abby even said she didn’t want Chloe to win any competitions-

at 3:00 Abby has lipstick on and at 3:10 she doesn't have lipstick on. In fact, she only puts lipstick on at 3:18. Goes to show how edited this show is lmao

Does anyone remember that in da first episode Holly said that she has been told several times that she looked like Michelle Obama

I think Abby is riding on the girls coat tails. Let go already! All the OG girls and Jojo are now household names.

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