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Your problem is
you create trouble. You create– I don’t think that
I create trouble. –drama. You create chaos– I think what it is– –wherever you go. I feel that you see me– I don’t care what you feel. There were names
called, things said that didn’t need to be said. I know. But she said get out. And you just didn’t get out.
She had to say it– – I know.
– –like, 20 times. I wanted Sarah to dance. Michelle– The problem is, is that
Michelle is a studio hopper. Right.
You studio hop. I’m not a studio hopper. She’s hopped– I went to two. –all over studios
from Pittsburgh. I did not. Let’s talk about Tammy. [DAUNTING MUSIC] And nobody else is speaking. It’s just me. This is why everybody
thinks I have a big mouth. We’re not allowed
to say “Tammy.” Am I finished now? Do I get to leave? I think I do. Bye. Thank you all for coming. Thanks for a great season. I don’t even know
what just happened. – Can we all leave now?
– This is so typical. Abby, why don’t you come back? Abby, just finish this. Let’s go. Why are you leaving? Well, you’re not
allowed to say “Tammy.” All right. You’re going to make
me walk in this. Oh, my god.
Abby. I don’t understand
why you’re leaving. Abby, come on.
We’re almost done. Just finish this.
– Abby, what are you doing? ABBY LEE MILLER: Because
you’re so stupid. Why would you bring
her up like that? I’m not stupid. She can’t even say
my kid’s name right. Do I care if she’s leaving? I’ve never seen
her, like, storm off. She does it all the time. Does she do it all the time? All the time. I’m finished. We– we can’t do
this without you. You know that, right? What– what just happened? It’s her rival studio. We know that if we say the name
of the studio that she leaves. If we say “Tammy” or the
name of her rival studio– Sure. –we are, like– krrt. Abby, you can’t leave. ABBY LEE MILLER: This is the
United States of America. Try to hold me. Abby, I don’t even
understand why you’re leaving. I just asked that police
officer if I had to stay, and he said no. Ashley, do you want
to sit where Abby was? Me, why? Because she really wants to
be you at the end of the day. Oh, yeah, I know. You guys maybe have
the same initials, right? Yeah, I know. You did say that, right? So if we can, ladies, I just– what happened when
you went out there? She’s gone. – She’s upset.
– Left. She’s upset. I don’t even know
why she’s upset. But specifically because
of the rival studio talk? Correct. Because she said her name. Because I said Tammy’s name. So why can’t we
talk about that? Because I’m not– They’re going to see all that. –going to be on a
show where you’re talking about someone that
is potentially a competitor in Pittsburgh. Will you come back and
just say, put an end to it– ABBY LEE MILLER: Nope. –and let’s move on?
ABBY LEE MILLER: Nope. Nope. No, no, no, no, no. It’s another day
at the office, guys. Another day at the office. What do you want to say, then? We don’t discuss it. Then let’s say it. I’m not saying another word. Welcome to the ALDC, Jay. Oh, hi. Protect me, please. I’ve had it with this. I didn’t do anything
wrong, officer. I did not do anything wrong. [MUSIC PLAYING] Sabotage. Guys, Abby’s coming
back in the building. Oh, yay! Yay. Can you tell everyone to clear
the way so I can keep walking. One door. Abby, door. Abby, door. ABBY LEE MILLER: Hi! [APPLAUSE] Are you ready? I was born ready, babe. I’m always ready. Yes, here we go! [APPLAUSE]


i’m so tired of Michelle’s niceness being taken for granted. she does or says anything “out of line” her or sarah gets a “punishment”. abby is treating these grown adult women like children☹️

I can’t stand when people throw around “this is the United States of America” when they want justify doing whatever dumb thing they want to do. You don’t see other countries being embarrassing like that

Prison did nothing for her character. Still the same old bitter Betty. She acts like she’s an A list celebrity. 😒🙄

This show is so odd without the original girls now it feels like a bunch of moms who crave to be on tv… idk it’s weird

So because Michelle is being harassed by studio 19 she’s not only considered the bad but also gets kicked off the team😳😳😳😒😒😒😒wow

Dance moms has become a huge disgrace and embarrassment! NOT because of Michelle, but because of the way the other moms and abby have been acting towards her! I honestly believe these studios where drama like this happens shouldn't be allowed to open and needs to be investigated!

But Michelle causes drama and trouble….. Annnnnnnnnnd her leaving the stage at the mention of someone's name isn't being dramatic and causing trouble? Come on man. Abby is ridiculous. She's self righteous and entitled when she shouldn't be. So friggin what at the mention of someone's name! And her only excuse is they are competition…. DUUUUUDE. Have some class and get perspective!

“I just asked that police officer if I had to stay and he said no” as she’s zooming off down the road 😂 how childish Abby..

In an interview Abby said that there are new producers this season. It shows because these moms are not like the original moms. Even Abby yells more. I really thought she would mellow out because of all she we t through. Dance Moms should be a show that showcases dancing. Instead it showcases moms inappropriate behavior, inappropriate attire, etc. It is recommended for 10+ age. They should change that to PG13.

I used to love dance moms it had the right amount of dance and a bit of drama
Now it’s just teaching bad behaviour to kids and isn’t even about dance anymore

Honestly they’re all a mess the moms with their constant bullying and toxicity and Abby with her childish behavior at times but honestly if I was her age I wouldn’t want to deal with this🤷‍♀️

Reminds me of the stalkers in Season WHATEVER!! I get Abby doesn’t want to be touched because of what she has been through but she’s been walking out in the kids since Season WHATEVER. Admit it folks we watch for the dancing. At least I do! PS Studio 19 is going to be the new CADC. UGH.

Why continue with the show when she doesn’t want to do it .. Abby let the show go dance moms is a flop is not good with out the rest of the old cast .

I’m sorry but Abby needs to get over herself! I have been a dancer and have NEVER seen a teacher and company owner act like this!! All the fame has gone to her head. It needs to stop. She needs to grow up and act like an adult. Not call the police when something goes wrong or doesn’t go her way. She is a really bad example for children watching the show.

i honestly feel Abby is over the show i feel she did this season because maybe she was contracted to there was something off about the whole season

it’s sad that i love this show and to watch the kids dance and i’m happy for abby lee miller for overcoming everything she did, but the show has turned to the moms bullying each other and the kids and it’s hurting the kids more.

She's so petty and unprofessional. What example is trying to set for these kids? If something gets hard just walk off and give up? Smh

Michelle take your kid and follow Alliana and she will be an amazing dancer and you and her will be happy. This show is not good for you or your daughters heath those mothers are crazy.

Ashley has no real friends because they’d tell her the truth and not let her be seen looking like that on TV 😂😂😂😩

Stacey is like whatever after so many times just wait i love her chill attitude and Leave Michelle alone it was Joanne who cut out the name this time not any other moms.

Abby and the other moms pick on michelle all the time and its so stupid, michelle is easily one of the leasts problematic moms. I will never understand why they treat her so badly, especially abby.

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