Dance Moms: Abby Pulls the Plug on the Music Video (Season 5 Flashback) | Lifetime


Either way your kid is still gonna be able to dance at the ALDC cause Abby is desperate. She keeps saying how kids are lined up or whatever but cmon we know your kid is gonna be on the team still so just chill

Actually its your decision to keep the kid in the dance. Abby is just telling you that she does not like it so who cares be like holly strong and independent. This is why it took so long for Mackenzie to become a star because you went by abby's way and pulled her all the time

Abby: i want to prevent her from making a step backwards

Shes actually preventing kenzie from making a step forward

I mean, Abby is pretty right, if I were appearing in the video, I’d want to be paid billed as a singer and dancer— not like— I’m just— standing in the background in the video, if I’m doing a bunch of stuff I don’t wanna be paid like 1000 dollars-

First of all it wasnt Holley only jojo stayed with her as well so if u dont want nia in the dance same thing goes for jojo

Ok I agree it was wrong that Mackenzie wasn’t gonna be a ft artist, however why would this affect the other girls? Why can’t Nia be in the music video? She is literally just dancing and making the best of an opportunity she was given. I really don’t get how that was stabbing Abby in the back

Holly did stab Abby in the back a few times I have to admit.
No other person would forget such betrayal yet Holly and others demand Abby “get over it” “move on” yet if someone stabbed holly in the back I bet she wouldn’t simply get over it… so why should abby have to?

If they picked mackienze I think jojo should have gotten it coz like (MY OPINION) jojo has more dances and Kenzie not really

She didn’t want Mackenzie to be in it because she’s her own artist and has her own music videos and album but the other girls didn’t need to be pulled. The video title would’ve said: ft Mackenzie Ziegler

I completely understand the Mackenzie thing, but the rest of the girls should’ve been allowed to stay

Melissa is really stupid for letting down such an opportunity she just wants to be the "good one" who listens even though in there few last weeks abby wouldn't give Mackenzie a hip hop solo cuz she wanted to make them feel bad for leaving, honestly not worth anything they do for her

Why is Abby ruining The girls career or opportunities 🙁
All the girls had such fun
Edit : Melissa only listed to Abby bcz she doesn't wanna make Abby angry for Maddie She didn't do it for Mckenzie

Everyone is saying that Abby ruined it, but Abby did have a good point. I mean Abby probably should have just let her, but that contract technically kinda ruined it cause they did know Mackenzie was a artist.

but the song should say “Turn Up The Track by MattyB ft. MackZ”, because she is her own recording artist, with a manager and songs out herself. but the other girls provided no vocals, it’s simply that their face is in the video and they danced, so they should be in the video.

Abby says that she doesn’t want anyone taking a step backwards but then she pulled almost every girl out of the music video that could’ve changed there whole career

What if Mackenzie actually did this video. She would have probably made a few more songs with him & not with Johnny. And everyone would have shipped them and not Jenzie

Jojo did this video with MattyB and after that she was in a few more videos of him. She made a great choice by doing this music video!

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