Dance Moms: Abby Embarrasses Nia at an Audition (Season 5 Flashback) | Lifetime


i wanna dislike abby for this but then again this is reality tv and we don’t know the whole story and we don’t know whether she said something about the other kids or not

Wait did the girls get anything? Or was this like to just get them a good “reputation” by the director ( if you know what I mean )?

I’m convinced Abby is RACIST! She’s always coming for nia, she’s beautiful! And in my opinion she was one of the best ones ❣️

Nia did amazing! Like for real, she sounded like a real actress! I really believed what she was saying. Holly and Nia have always been level-headed and strong. Holly prioritizes her dignity as well as her daughter’s. Holly is a wonderful mother, and Nia is a wonderful girl who was raised right.

nia was natural and when i looked away from the screen for a second i didn't think she started yet but she did and it seemed perfectly normal to me the other girls were trying too hard like they wanted to get a part or a gig but yeah Abby had feed her ego lmao

i can’t believe no one ever stood up for holly. she deserves to be stood up for. she NEVER had anyone to help her or to stand with her.

i CANNOT believe that none of the moms stuck up for Nia..I’m sorry, but that small: “i get it” did not help the situation at all melissa

I’ve never ever seen those moms look ashamed of themselves it
was how Holly was a shaming them for not standing up for Abby.

Nia being a mini holly is the most amazing thing ever because holly is the most humble and kind and least amount of drama mum on the show

I think why abby is angry at nia because nia has a black skin I mean who cares about the look care about the talent hate me attack me say anything bad about me but it's what in my mind🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

I love holly like she said you failed your daughters cause you scared of Abby period a true queen 👸🏾❤️

It's so annoying how know one stood up for them, especially dumb Melissa, and she still had the guts to say: "tHanKs aBbY" absolutely beeechhhhh

Holly is above Aby by a million stairs. Class, education, etiquette etc. Abby would need to live another life to attain such prestige

I hated Nia she was such a brat and her mom was so selfish all she wanted was fame and nia isnt even a good dancer her mom didnt care about dancing she wanted aubrey o day to come and shoot her music video when kendalls was way better and Nias music video sucked and it was verry inapropriate

Okay I’m not a person to bring race into anything at all . But Abby’s just plain out racist . Nia’s act was the best one and she still finds a way to make Nia feel bad .

When Jill needs help standing up for her daughter when Abby says something the moms come in and help when holly sticks up for nia all the moms are in silence 😤😭

AHHH nia looks so proud of her mommmm! Look at her lil smile that just says "well done mom, get her" while she's standing up to Abby

Lol I love when people try to say something about me like Abby did about Nia and then the person I was doing something with/for defends me lol

They don’t even look cute only jojo is plus Taylor Swift isn’t even relevant anymore unless your seven

honestly, holly is the best mom and is educated rlly well. she has raised nia the best and if she turns out like her mother is a blessing!

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