Dance Moms: Abby and Holly Clash at Pyramid (Season 6 Flashback) | Lifetime


Melissa will really never smile about Kenzie’s #1 on pyramid, the way she smiled at every time Maddie was on top of it and it makes me really sad.

In a day where black people fully embrace their African roots I get what Abby was saying but it’s also awesome to hear Holly sound. Like. Aproud american

When Maddie is on the top of the pyramid Melissa is always happy. When Kenzies on the top of the pyramid but sometimes Melissa doesn’t look too happy.

Your legs are great your leaps your acrobatic tricks are great but you don't attack the Dynamics of the music or the silent dance that you're giving that's where you fall short

Maddie is on the TOP of the pyramid
Melissa: YAY Maddie! claps
Kenzie is on the TOP of the pyramid
Melissa: Hmmm…

Even though this video was of a while ago it just shows that abby was a plain racist but she hid it well. How could she just suspect that Nia would do the dance right because she's a African American. She did not grow up with that dance nor that music . Abby should really learn how to respect others if she wants to be respected .

Number 1 why are they putting big girls on little girls like what is wrong with her 🙄❓😭⁉️❗️

African is a RACE. Before people even discovered the continent of Africa, there were African Americans. Holly is right.

I don’t got to a competition to win… I set realistic goals for myself. This is my first year doing ballet EVER and I’m starting at 12. So my goal is to place maybe 10th? And then next competition try to get a higher score than you did last time.

Imma get a lot of hate but I honestly don’t think nia is that good of a dancer, compared to everyone she is a bit bland

Holly’s so smart she said the continent of Africa instead of country of Africa btw I’m not being sarcastic I’m being serious

She says to Nia "I'm not trying to be offensive." & I am thinking to myself "Well Abby you failed!" You were highly offensive.

I think Abby W A S racist but she didn’t say it to be Offensive she said it Bc she wanted to prove smth and I think she SHOULDVE not said that but it still was ok ish to say it

I can’t believe how Kendall was smiling when brynn was on the bottom of the period it’s so disgusting how Kendall acts

You realise it does make sense cause in life you get cast for rolls you fit, if she is African American then teaching her African dance to help her land that sort of part is fine

90% of the comments are about how Abby was rasist to nia or something
7% of the comments about either Jill or Kendall laughing at brynn
2% percent about Mackenzie💙
1% About how positive Jojo was💖

Abby sounded compeltly rude about the african part and no one even stood up to that comment, but holly would defend every one else! BAD MOMSS BADDD

I definitely think they edited this A LIT cause the moms reactions don’t match up with what happens and people seem to forget they have 2 hours of facials to use !!

Holly is gold love her she is the most respectful parent on this show she sticks up for every mom or every child it’s not end between and that’s what I love about her and not one person sticks up for her if christi and kelly was still there they would have stood up for nia and holly

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