Cyber Coverage Explainer Video: Denial of Service

One day, Arden Apparel, which offers the latest
fashion to its customers throughout North America, discovers that its online storefront
for internet sales is experiencing a targeted denial-of-service attack. Arden�s computer systems are flooded with
illegitimate traffic, and the company can no longer accept sales made through its website
� resulting in a business interruption loss. The denial-of-service attack lasts three days. During this time, Arden contracts with a cyber
security expert, who works to divert the unwanted traffic to a centralized scrubbing center. Fortunately, Arden has the FM Global Advantage
policy, which includes cyber coverage for denial-of-service attacks, subject to the
conditions of the policy. Because Arden�s computer systems are disrupted,
the policy�s denial-of-service coverage responds to the actual loss sustained and
extra expense during the time it takes them to restore full network operation. What�s more, the policy also covers the
temporary costs Arden incurred to hire a security expert to defend against the attack. Thanks to the FM Global Advantage policy,
the business impact from the cyber attack was minimized. Arden and its loyal customers are covered
� from head to toe.

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