If your lawyer does not go after all of them for federal elder abuse violations he is as dumb as the cops and that agent and treating youboth just as poorly.

Destroy the police in court after you settle a million Dollar lawsuit put a lien against the judges,prosecutors, and the polices bond that they had to post when they took an oath of office

Defamation of character at it's finest. And why would every single cop ignore him during the investigation? It would of only took ONE good cop a few minutes to prove what he was saying to be true or false. There should be positions set aside for good officers that will actually do police work. Every cop on the department can't be gang members or just plain stupid. It took four hours of them being bond and kidnapped to learn what the LAW ABIDING citizens was trying to tell them the first few seconds of the breaking and entering began. Someone please shake the Chief's hand and let him know that if it wasn't for him his department would run so much different.

Police r fucking retarded and nothing is being done about it…they don't investigate nothing they go in balls out with no regards … And notice it said alleged victim.. plus this why I don't like insurance… Snitch ass bitch

You have to make it to court before you can prove yourself innocent today…..if you make it there.

I’d beat that mthr fkrs ass ugly
If he did that shit to me .
Hear that cocksuker?
These fking plants don’t even look anything alike .
Fking moron .
And that cop needs his punk ass beat also.

Hey you dumb fuck COPS you are losing us. WE will begin to stand up for ourselves our family and our community. You will be put in your place. We do not need you anymore.

If my neighbor is smoking or growing marihuana, ain't non a my business. Some people should mind their own bee's wax.

Four hours, the cops must of been having a gab fest. Cops can be such narrow minded morons. Won't listen, won't let you talk. They'd rather ruin your life rather then admit they were wrong.

That's the plant I was looking for. I saw one of these next to a mailbox when I delivered food a long time ago. I thought it was weed. I smoke and know what a pot plant looks like. I couldn't tell the difference until I smelled it.


So the Insurance agent was in their home trying to get their business and then decided to snitch on them? They probably turned down the policy and he got mad and wanted revenge for wasting his time. I hope no one in that town ever buys an Insurance policy from this pussy.

Any updates on this history ? Wow poor lady. Shame on the police and that moron who called the police 😡😠

Your police a national embarressment. Whether 50+ of them are refusing to enter columbine whilst they can hear children being murdered, shooting dead a sleeping child in her bed, raping and abusing women, killing unarmed children left right and centre, raiding the wrong houses, standing watching gangs of neo-nazis batter 3 or 4 defenceless people and do NOTHING, stealing from the dead and dying,on and on and on it goes.

We are waiting for the day when collectively your guns come out and large numbers of those filth are kicked to sludge, the lucky ones just shot. Cowardly fucking filth……and you KNOW how much they would be crying and begging, that's what cowards do.

Let's nip the tyranny of pot prohibition in the proverbial bud. We don't need the gubbermint to kill us to protect us from a plant that killed NOBODY, ever. For the love of freedom I think we can be done with the roadside searches for pot, The anal probes, the dogs, the helicopters, the swat teams the snipers kicking down doors and shooting anything that moves and throwing folks in cages for a medicinal herb. Enough!

Wow… their insurance agent needs a freaking beating. What an asshole. What was he getting out of this?? Damn… their insurance agent…I hope this couple made damn sure he didn't steal money from then thru the records he had on them. That is a piece of shit and I hope they win the lawsuit… as for the cops… not letting a 66 yr old woman put on pants and holding her and her husband in back seat of a police car for 4 hours?? More pieces of shit. Cops should know what pot plants look like wouldn't you think? Again I hope this couple wins their lawsuit against the pathetic cops and the insurance guy who has a face you just wanna punch

We the people want these cops to be made to take a lier test to prove what they say and do on there reports God open up the door s of darkness in justice its Vigilante time people on there reports this is prove that cops and government agencies bracking the laws and are right cover up for years the lies people are in prison because of cops lie about and cover up reports s of its big money for government workers

Wow it took 4 hours for a piggy to figure out it's not a pot plant… When you sue take the money out of the piggys pention fund.

Now this nice couple have a better idea of what black people have to go through with these asshole cops.I hope she sues everyone and wins.I think she will.

I hope they su nation wide and that the insurance agent gets fire, becomes homeless and ands up giving handjobs for crack on the street. Fucking snitch, even if it had been real weed, its none of his damn business.

It could have been medical marijuana, which i am sure they would have had a license for. That fucking square insurance agent had no business calling the cops, i hope he gets sued and fired from snitch nation wide. They have lost my and my friends business because i will be switching insurance companies after this incident. I dont do business with snitches and or bullies like those corrupt pigs.

Hey dont be fooled Hibuscus smokes realy well lol in California marajuana is legal but heaven forbid if you smoke a regular cigarette or a vappe prison time

Hibiscus leaves don’t have the jagged edges of a pot leaves. What idiots. I will bet a number of those Cops smoked pot and should know what it looks like. Nobody had the courage to say this isn’t pot.

Their own insurance company rats them out,and I bet he Jack's up the rates on them as well. What a piece of shit!!

If I was her I’ll file rape charges as lesson for the embarrassment and here in New Mexico that’s the best punishment

Time to file a very large lawsuit, i hope that cocksucker cop gets fired and put in prison. The police in buffalo twp are all mentally unstable scum bags!!!!!!!!

I sure hope she sued and won against that insurance company and dropped them as well the police…Disgusting ignorance….That cop not letting her put pants on is a real piece of sh–!!

Show this crap to your parents and Grandparents. Give our older Citizens a taste of REALITY, instead of what their union reps CONTINUALLY tell the Public. These two Old
Souls OUGHT tp go on a Public Speaking tour.

cop is another shaved head, neo-nazi, sub 50 IQ piece of shit…he's in desperate need of a baseball bat to the face and then up his fat ass

Huh? Excuse me?!? It took you up to your 60s to finally understand the truth about the police? Thousands of stories, 100% innocent people jailed for decades, a justce system that is so skewed against Joe Citizen… ma'am, you want me to feel sorry for your naïve truth-denying lily white ass for sitting in a police car?
You got off easy. Wake up and smell the coffee white folks, now it's your turn to understand that the Constitution don't add up to a pile of cow manure. You believed that all those years of never speaking up for others would never come and darken your door step…. Velkom white people, to the new Amerika you helped build with your silence. Please keep all hands and arms inside the police cruiser while this country heads into the toilet at lightening speed.

what if it was grass. Would they then be justified in not letting this lady get dressed.?inhumane for people who have mothers.

This is what happens when the police don’t investigate they assume everyone is a criminal and no longer have any respect for the people they are hired to protect. I hope the couple got the large settlement and an apology. I’d be changing my insurance company also after that garbage.

"Might (and stupidity) makes right"……….., but not when "interacting" with police!
Yet ANOTHER case of blatant police enforcement entitlement.
And then the citizens of the community being "served" have to literally pay for the "error" of blind force.
Oops, just doing our job…..we "bad".
No training or common sense.

Most people don't want to believe it admit that Cops often unlawfully destroy the lives of others, I until it happens to them or their lives ones….
National and international studies have shown that between 30% – 60% of all Cops are psychopaths and sociopaths.. Half of the unarmed people that Cops kill every year are the elderly, the disabled and children.
These are not the actions or behaviors of a public servants.
They are the actions and behaviors of public predators.

It's the pigs job to properly identify that plant. Nationwide is on my black list now.
This shows how mentally deficient the police are to the point that it must be hard to get a job that you have to follow the rules everyone else lives by, and not break stuff while working destroying their PR. Not that I have any pity.

Come on people that poor cop must have terrified of those two. They look so dangerous and I'm sure the pig did a thorough investigation before screwing this couple over.

Well as soon as he leaves for work, do the same thing to his family. Get even, with Interest, cuz you'll get Shit from the courts.m

Cops keep wondering why we as an army now stand a against being violated. Same rights our forefathers fought and died for. I will fight and die before they take mine. Period. No excuses for this behavior will ever be right. We as people can have no faith in honor or justice in such behavior.

Poor Jonathan lmfao plus the cops (still laughing) your telling me that out of all those cops not one could tell the plants apart


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