Connecting Kids to Coverage: Oklahoma

Hi, I’m Dr. Sublett. SeNae, you had this little guy last night and his name is Ty, right? Yeah. Alright. E-NB1 is the new system to add newborn babies to mothers’ Medicaid cases for mothers who already have Medicaid. We can add the baby here at the hospital as soon as the baby’s named. It’s real easy. Their insurance is real easy to get on and it’s not like you got to go through a lot, you know, now they got it to where you can be on the computer. Oklahoma found it critically important to transition to a system that was electronic so that we could get these newborn babies affiliated with a medical home. Part of our evolution in Oklahoma, for our program, was to take it beyond the traditiona
“Here’s your card.} Welcome to the system. Good luck finding healthcare.” to a system that actually is very proactive. Part of that process was the E-NB1 system. That came about out of the necessity Part of that process was the E-NB1 system. That came about out of the necessity to come up with a new program that was more efficient and more accurate in getting newborn babies placed with their primary care physician and also be sure that they received adequate follow-up. When I had Nathan, which is my eight year old, it was completely different. The last system, or the other system, for adding babies you had to fill out a form and fax it to the Health Care Authority. It was slow and inefficient I think is the best way to put it. Newborns would get lost to follow-up, they weren’t assigned to a primary care physician and that was quite bothersome. There’s been major improvement. The biggest thing is that most of the newborns coming out of the nursery now are assigned to
primary care physician.} It was somebody that I could choose myself and was close to my home and work so, I mean, that made it a lot easier. Eighty three percent of the cases, that baby is completely and fully enrolled in the system in less than five days. Before this system there may have been as many as thirty five percent enrolled within five days so it’s impressive. We are very proud of the system. We think it’s working well. It is helping children, parents get help that they need. I think it’s going to lead ultimately to healthier kids and more informed parents and that’s what we’re after. Right after her birth, she had to go to the doctor a couple days later, just because she was a C-section and she was three weeks early and today she is very healthy.

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