Commercial General Liability Insurance: Tips, Important Information | PROLINK

As a member of your association You benefit from industry leading insurance. So you’re covered, right?

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Maybe. But now consider that your business has unique qualities. That Insurance has become more complex. And that Canadians have become increasingly litigious. At PROLINK, we see the risks you face. And we’ll connect you to the extra protection you need. We know your profession extensively. And we strongly advise you to have Commercial General Liability coverage. Here’s why. Over the years, the amount of insurance you need has increased dramatically Clients are demanding greater liability coverage. Landlords are transferring more responsibility to tenants. If your business is home-based, If your business is home-based, don’t rely on your home-owners policy. You most likely won’t be covered. Then there are changing work trends, which mean more liability. Work-related accidents off-site still flow to the company. Even business-related travel is your responsibility. PROLINK can help protect your business and your assets from lawsuits. We cover legal and settlement costs. We proactively evaluate changes to your business, and assess new products to ensure the right coverage for you. With our buying power and bundled application process all you do is tick a box. Cost is minimal. Can you afford not to get it? In a time of unpredictability, PROLINK connects you to the coverage you need to protect your assets and your business. Talk to our insurance professionals about our protection options available exclusively to members of your association Thank you for watching.

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