Come acquistare l’account Premium su SmartBinance

in the previous videos we showed you our platform and we have shown you some advanced trading strategies that you couldn’t do with Binance. In this video we will see how to get
the Premium account and how to unlock all the features of the website.
Thanks to the Premium account you will have access to all the rules of ours
interface. You will be able to use some advanced features in management
of orders such as change them or duplicate and access the services of
Automated Signals transmitted by the best Telegram channels chosen by us.
About this topic I recommend you to see the next videos in which there will be a dedicated tutorial. But let’s see how to buy
the Premium account. Becoming Premium is very simple. Here we will show you how to pay with Binance but you can use any other wallet or
exchange. Go to the SmartBinance page using the navigation menu. Scroll down and consult the most plan that suits you. As you can see, more months you purchase and the more you save.
After identifying the plan that you prefer, click on the Buy button and
you will be redirected to the payment page. From this moment you will have 60
minutes to complete the operation. Choose the coin with which you prefer
pay, such as Litecoin. The payment page will show you the
amount of money you need to send and the address to send it to; valid only
for this payment. Pay attention because the amount of money
shown on the page must be sent net of fees applied by
wallet / exchange from which you send the coin. Let’s see how to make the payment
with Binance. If you make payment from computer, open another tab of the
browser and visit the Binance website. After logging in to the Binance profile goes to the “withdrawal funds” section and select the same coin you had selected on the page of payment. In this case we choose Litecoin, then copy the address that you see on the payment page and paste it in the “withdrawal address” field. At this point check the fees
applied from your wallet / exchange for transfer. If the fees are 0,
as you can see here, then you just have to copy the amount of money to be sent
and paste it in the “amount” field. If instead your wallet / exchange apply some
fee then you have to add this fee to the quantity of money to send; so that the currency transferred is equal to that shown on the page of
payment. As you can see here. Once sent the money get sure to confirm it by clicking on the email. if your wallet / exchange asks you.
Then return to the payment page and wait a few minutes.
After a few minutes the system will detect your payment and will process it by enabling
your Premium account. If it you realize that you sent a wrong amount of money or to have sent the payment late
wait up to 24 hours, we will provide to activate your premium account
manually. If you don’t have news within 24 hours
contact us through the methods present on the Support page you find
linked to the bottom of the site. In the next videos we will see two other important SmartBinance services, Automatic signals
from the best Telegram channels and the Affiliate Program.

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