Colorado PERA’s Life Insurance Program (5 Benefits)

For less than the cost of a month of video
streaming or a few cups of coffee, you could protect the financial future of your loved
ones. Hello, I’m Misty Hymel, a Field Education
Representative at Colorado PERA and I’d like to go over the five ways PERA’s term
life insurance program can benefit members like you. First, you’re guaranteed coverage if you
join during open enrollment, which begins annually on April 1st. During this time you won’t be asked health
questions or have to take any physical exams. Your family is protected too. Your spouse and children, up to age 21, are
automatically enrolled when you sign up for a policy. Next, your policy includes additional benefits
if you die in a covered accident or have certain serious injuries, like the loss of sight or
hearing. The final two benefits are especially important
if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness. You’ll have access to no-cost financial
planning and legal resources and you could receive 50 percent of your life insurance
benefit before you die. These benefits are available for active members
for as little as $7.75 per month through PERA’s life insurance program with Unum. To learn more or to enroll, visit
and click on “Life Insurance” in the “Programs” menu. Thanks for watching!

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