Collision Coverage

So I had a client call the other day she
had been in the accident it was her fault. She was wondering why the
insurance company had not reached out to her to pay for her vehicle to be fixed. My
first question was “did you have collision coverage” and her response was
“yeah I have full coverage” so I asked her to send me her declaration page and what
I expected was correct. She did not have collision coverage which meant that she
would have to pay for the damage to her vehicle herself. You know needless to say
she was pretty bummed about the fact that she didn’t have full coverage like
she thought she had. So collision coverage is a separate part of your
policy that is optional but I would highly recommend everyone getting it. It
pays for the damage to your vehicle regardless of who is at fault for the
accident. So if you’re in an accident and your car is damaged whether or not
you caused the accident your collision coverage will pay for the damage to your
vehicle. Unless you don’t have collision coverage then you have to pay for it
yourself. I’m Blase Inzina with Murphy’s Law Undone. Just remember- just because it can go wrong doesn’t mean it has to.

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