Clear TV Premium As Seen On TV

And the intent it looks like it’s got
some retractable it’s like rabbit ears on it oh oh oh we’re going hey everybody
welcome to tony’s reviews today i’m reviewing another asks emo TV item this
is the clear TV premium HD antenna the box here says it’s 4k ready it says you
can bypass like a digital satellite and also cable and you’ll get crystal-clear
free digital and HDTV that’s what it says here on the box well we’re gonna
open this thing up and test it out from my understanding all you gotta do is
just plug this thing in and go so we’re gonna do that it also has it looks like
a little 3m stick them on the bottom here so that i guess you can just mount
this somewhere really quickly and then screw this into your you know where your
cable goes into or yeah where your cable or where you know an antenna would go
into i’ve not had a lot of good luck with a steno TV antennas or any other
antennas for that matter indoor ones so we’re gonna give this one a shot today
and we’ll see how it works let’s unbox it real quick and just take a quick look
at it and then we’ll plug it in and we’ll see how many channels we can get
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review I paid $9.99 for this at the a coelom TV store if you’re interested in
getting one of these whether it’s good or not there will be a link in the
description and also one in the comments unfortunately this doesn’t have a
perforated back so I will be cutting it open alright we see here we’ve got a
little antenna it looks like and it’s got the plug in there and the antenna it
looks like it’s got some retractable rabbit ears on it so it looks like a
miniature set of rabbit ears they came with this little important informational
thing about your rights I don’t want this I don’t need this if this thing
doesn’t work out as a TV antenna I think I can work this into a Halloween costume
you know how weeds coming up so I am Tony the robot feel my laser
I read the instructions real quick so you don’t have to okay so after reading
this stuff in my opinion I’m thinking that this is kind of sitting you have to
think that this is already going to be like some of the other antennas I’ve
used in the past it’s all going to be based on how far away I am from a tower
that’s broadcasting obviously I know that’s going to be a factor but when you
read this on the inside here goes into a little more detail about that so that’s
kind of disappointing on the outside a lot of these things do make these great
claims and on the inside here you know then it’s kind of like giving you the
letdown so we’re gonna plug it in right now and we’ll see how this thing works
okay so let’s turn the TV around and install this thing okay the hard parts
done we go to setup and then we go down here to auto program and then to antenna
and we let er rip oh looks like we’ve got three channels
so far it’s a 36% all right 66% we boost it up to seven
channels okay we reached a hundred percent and it says we have seven
channels so let’s see how well the channels come in that are seven percent
okay alright so we’ve got one channel here
WIP B this is coming in better create TVs coming in better here this is just
our weather you know this is like local weather and it’s coming in good and
looks like 59s coming in really good I don’t see any digital marks than that or
anything so it looks really nice we’ve got our 59 channels in so that’s kind of
a good thing and I don’t see any digital marks in these at all so with this little antenna it looks
like we’re gonna get four additional channels and they’re coming in really
clear so that’s nice alright did I get a bunch of channels no
I think the packaging is a little misleading I think it kind of that’s
just my opinion I think it kind of makes you think that you’re gonna get a lot
more channels and you’re gonna get but I see that is the case with most you know
TV antenna packaging and I guess they’re trying to sell you the antenna right I
will say this this is just me being the optimist I did pick up four more
channels they are crystal clear digital I don’t see any digital markings or
anything like that and the channels that I did pick up the extra ones and the
original channels I had three on there they are coming in better so all in all
I picked up four channels and my original channels are coming in better
so that’s a good thing did I pick up a big old boatload of
channels no so this is not going to perform like an outdoor TV or I’m sorry
this is not so this is not going to perform like an outdoor antenna one that
you put on top of your house or something I live about 25 miles from an
antenna and then I live about 40 miles away from another antenna I thought that
this was gonna pick up maybe a little bit better I’ll be honest with you it
for my own personal use I was really just wanting to pick up one good clear
local news station I’m able to do that so I did pick up that does it seem to
promise you a little more than it gives in my opinion yes
so the a/c on TV clear TV premium HD is it a great item there’s nothing super
about it it performs about like the rest of the indoor antennas I’ve ever had
have performed so there you have it and folks if I saved you any money today and
you’d like to see some more of my a single TV product reviews just click on
the above link I want to thank you so much for watching and God bless you

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