Classcraft Premium Features

Classcraft helps teachers meet important needs, like building better classroom culture, driving engagement and motivation, and fostering social emotional learning, all through collaboration and play. Classcraft’s Premium version includes a whole system of tools that help you go even deeper and achieve even more. You can improve academic performance, build greater engagement in every aspect of your lessons and classroom routine, and get a better sense of your students’ strengths and weaknesses. Whatever your goals, Classcraft Premium can help you get there. Let’s take a look! The class tools is a suite of features to build student engagement, support academics and learning, and just make class more fun. Each tool is tied to the core Classcraft experience, which means students can earn Experience Points, lose Health Points, and level up their character as you use these different features. The Wheel of Destiny and Random Events are already available for free, but Premium unlocks many more tools, such as Boss Battles, for making your lesson reviews and formative assessments interactive and fun the stopwatch and timer to take normal class activities and routines from boring to exciting; the volume meter, to create a quiet classroom where students stay focused and on task; and the grade converter, for giving students an extra reward for completing or performing well on assignments, tests, and quizzes, and motivating them to work even harder. It even supports Google Classroom assignments! Quests also support Google Classroom and are perfect for supercharging personalized learning and making it meaningful to your students. With quests, teachers can overlay their lesson content onto interactive maps, creating a choose-your-own-adventure experience that can either be managed by the teacher or completely self-paced. Each point on the map consists of a learning activity created by the teacher, such as a worksheet, video, quiz, or other material students must complete. Like other tools in Classcraft, all progress is tied to a student’s character, so they can earn rewards as they advance in their quest. Teachers can even add stories to make the adventure come alive, and branching paths guide students based on their mastery. As students complete activities, more of the map and story unfold, getting students excited to progress and find out what happens next. The Analytics are an excellent way to get a better, clearer picture of your students’ academic and behavioral patterns over time, compare their performance to their class average, identify weaknesses and strengths, and view a comprehensive record of how a student is doing over the semester or a school year. Finally, Premium comes with even more ways for students to customize their characters and create epic heroes. Teachers can give Gold Pieces, or GP, whenever their students go above and beyond in the classroom. Students can also earn GP other ways, too, such as through quests and Boss Battles. They can then use the Gold Pieces to get cool gear for their characters and mix and match equipment to create a truly awesome and unique look and style that shows out their creativity. Students can also unlock pets and train them so they appear next to their character on screen. It’s a fun way to get students even more invested in the experience. If you love how Classcraft has transformed your classroom, take your experience to the next level with Classcraft Premium and see even more amazing changes with your students’ learning. You can find more information on all the topics we covered in the video description. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or by using the live chat in our Knowledge Center. Thanks for watching!

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