Chris watts documentary (FULL MOVIE)


A social path that took his family's life with no remorse for a mistress he cheated on his beautiful family and took that gift givin to him over his own selfish reasons I can't imagine how you can call yourself a man little loan a human being … I call this thing a monster a waste of breath and time he will get what he deserves in prison someone will take his life in a most deserving way only fit for a monster that had it all and treat it away for a bitch that should have looked into him and his family to make sure he was divorced and not still with his family this is really sad that you would kill all these beautiful babies and wonderful wife who had done everything for him and in return he cheated and took away lives for some woman he barely new…

Watching Shan'ann Bella and CiCi's videos at the end of this documentary is absolutely heartwrenching! Just thinking about what they would soon be facing at the hands of the one they loved most in this world is so hard. Watching Shan'ann's parents and brother give their victim's statements was one of the hardest things to listen to. I don't even want to think about what they were going through at that time. No one should ever have to be in that situation. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy, if I had one! I pray that Shan'ann's family and friends find peace and are able to heal now that this is all over. I also pray that Shan'ann, Bella, CiCi, and little Nico are resting in the mighty arm's of Jesus! God Bless her family and friends. ✝️✝️✝️🌟🙏🙏🙏

So sickening 😷😷 he will get his one day. Kill your own children! How could anyone do this to their own children?? Just heart breaking

Imagine the feeling that came over him when they were standing there watching the camera footage at the neighbors house. What a fucking monster

If he wanted a new start they have divorces for a reason. He didn’t have to kill them. They could’ve made it without him.

It makes me sick to watch his parents publicly say they forgive him and will stand behind him after his actions. That’s unbelievably disrespectful to the grieving family who lost their daughter and grandchildren. They should sit down and silently count their blessings that the victim’s family didn’t push for that murderer to receive capital punishment.

Oh come on … the polygrapher saying she could tell he was a terrible liar on the directed lie practise test because his reaction was "all over the place" … I guarantee that is standard bullshit they tell all people they suspect to ramp up their psychological discomfort. It was probably actually very slight … so adding the pressure of him thinking he is so transparent on the 'magical polygraph lie detection machine' is done to hopefully elicit a stronger physiological reacton later when he is tested for real. I would ask to see the so-called results … they aren't that hard to decipher even though the police like to mystify and magnify the readout's signifiers to the ignorant. They are no longer used in court for exactly those reasons. Too open to interpretation/false positives and unreliability issues. I wish people wpuld wake up and realise how often the police lie and bluff to ace these confessions they wrangle out of interrogations. Naively the general public tend to assume the police won't cheat and deceive and will act in their best interest … OK when the person is actually guilty but you are fucked if you are in the frame and not …

I don’t understand if u don’t wanna be with your wife/husband then go. Don’t kill her/him & more worse kill the kids…. Look, everybody has problems in their relationship. I just left a 17 yr relationship & we have a 14 yr old. We aren’t happy then move on & go find your happiness. Don’t hurt that person u once loved.

Cops were on to him from day one. His swaying and fidgeting made him a walking target. And the cam footage next door just about tied the knot. This piece of scum honestly thought he could bluff the feds by simply lying. What he didn't reckon on was Nicole being at his house with the cops when he got back from the oil tanks. He had no time to hide any evidence like his wife's belongings. Who would take their kiddies out for the day and leave their asthma medicine behind.? Not to mention handbag, phone, shoes, medication. And the car still in the garage. Nicole was a hero who put this scum where he belongs.

She’s such a inspiration I just watch her videos to up lift me whenever I’m going through a hard time!!! I can’t stop thinking about her cece belle n Nikki this work is so cruel I’m ready to go

Like I always tell everyone, it's not a stranger you should be cautious with!! It's your closest friend or family member!

Ray Charles could've seen that piece of crap was guilty.. I'm a father of 2 sons, and 3 daughters, and I couldn't imagine doing to my children what he did to his.. it's disgusting! HE deserved wayyy more than what he got.. life?? R u serious??! Wow! HE needs done to him what he did to his wife n kids.. or worse.. what a piece of shit man.. unbelievable!

15:30 tf? I’m not a home owner, maybe someone can explain to me how a neighborhood watch would come by that information and why it would be made public?

why did he kill them? or have I missed that part?. I hope he rots in jail! should have gotten the death sentence

Monster doesn’t even begin to describe what this POS is!! Wow…ur daughter fought for her life but u made sure she, her sister, her mother and brother were all dead!! Words can’t describe what you are Chris Watts

You have everything in life.A beautiful wonderful wife,beautiful children, a beautiful house,good looks,ect ect. Then you throw it all away..Why?

She knew he was married and had kids, but the lies godt her bolting? But you already knew he was married? Bullshit

The reveal when the older lady neighbor was talking about how she had seen Chris that early morning, and had thought it was odd, was so chilling to me. Not in small part to the FANTASTIC editing at that moment. So eerie. She just casually noticed him, and had no way of knowing what was actually happening. Creepy as fuck.

When people understand that the death sentence is not about the family victims being forgiving, its about protecting the rest of the human population from extremely dangerous individuals, the world would be safer place.

The polygraph woman is fantastic. Especially when she tells him at the beginning that he's a bad liar. He must've been so freaked out.

The most hated man in America! Worse than Scott Peterson.

Have any murderer's parents ever said– PUT OUR SON TO DEATH! (?)

All men and women. If you ever feel slightly violent toward your partner, or are acted on/in a violent way by your partner just do you best to get out. Have kids? In my opinion walking away is better for THEM and YOU. There is no way it ends up being good for anyone. Just go.

Only time i seen this killer cry was when his mom was talking thats sad no remorse for the family he just tore apart. The very ending had me horribly crying . Just discusting

Your god isn’t real, everybody.
Believe in yourself and humanity.
Then we will be free of superstitious nonsense in turbulent times.

Horrible, my heart goes out to both of the Families this man has destroyed. As for Chris Watts …….. Dude your own Children? Unborn Child and Pregnant wife? My sincere condolences to both Families. Heart Breaking.

No entiendo como pudo pasar por su cabeza hacer esto. es demasiado terrible cada vez me sorprendo mas de maldad que puede haber dentro de las personas enserio no puedo creerlo

Its crazy how their misery is our entertainment… Its like a car crash we all slow down to look even though it doesnt help the victims. Great doc btw!

The mind of Chris Watts is nothing and far from a normal person. Aside of him being a covert narcissist, the reason he’d thought 💭 he get away with the murders is bcs he’s a master manipulator. He knows that since he was able to fool everyone including his family that he’s this great perfect father and husband, he can fool authorities. Otherwise he would’ve thought twice before committing the murders, normal ppl maybe angry and at times want to kill but they would understand the consequences and the tragedy. Even still Chris believes that if he’s on good behavior in prison, he maybe has a chance of being free! That’s how delusional and far from normal CW is. An examination of his brain 🧠 would be beneficial but also he doesn’t want to take a psychiatric evaluation. This should have been mandatory. It will help ppl understand and be aware that monsters like CW exists.Ppl keep asking themselves how could he ?” We can’t understand bcs we are normal. Well CW COULD! Watching these videos of those lil angels and how good of a mother and person Shannan was on top of that a strong and positive woman. It breaks my heart. Atleast her family have memories of them that’s what’s bitter sweet. May the 4 angels R.I.P.

The "former lover" was absolutely full of shit and just wanted his 15 minutes off the backs of 4 innocent murdered people. What a piece of shit.

I couldn’t understand a single word the lady asked him during the lie detector exam. Is that the best microphones the police dept can afford? Sounds like she talking through an orange juice can with a string attached to it.

Everybody is so dead set on sparing this sorry, evil MF’s life. Anyone who can kill his own flesh and blood, 2 beautiful little daughters and an unborn son does NOT deserve to live another day. So now the tax payers have to support this worthless pile of shit for the next 35+ years? Let me have him for 10 minutes; then the little girls, the baby and the beautiful mom will finally get justice.

Why don't they give illegals from Mexico lie detector test first question did you bring drugs in illegally half of them would fail man woman and child what the f*** give him those tests illegals are all lying ass murderers it's easy to f**** lie and that's all illegals do

After reading the recovery report of one of the troopers assigned to get Bella and Cece out of those stinking tanks and the condition their bodies were in, I want to reach through the screen of my phone and throttle the life out of the heartless bastard! Those amazing people better have gotten the best quality care and counseling after that because as was said here, they were some of the collateral victims created by that shit stain. Scum.

Just wanted to say chris watts is an asshole. Like I dont know the laws in Colorado about infidelity, and divorce proceedings (which some states infidelity is a felony) , child support. But it was no need for him to had murder his whole family. Same with Scott Peterson. Thank goodness that neighbor had cameras that can see his whole block. That neighbor was the real mvp

I'm not giving this stupid shameless fucking piece of shit 1 second of view time lol. I'm talking about the deuche that made this and that scumbag POS whos claim to infamy was murdering his wife and 2 small children. Only leaving a comment about how shameless people are to capitalize on that fucked up situation.

I feel like its almost worth it to me to go to prison just so I could get my hands on this sick fuck just one time. I know people are sick and fucked up and want to kill people. But he really goes beyond sick to me. If you get that pissed off at your wife and you want to kill her you need to just break it off. If you have another woman just go live with her or stay in a hotel. It will hurt and effect your kids a great deal but at least they will be living breathing innocent people. You are disgusting for killing your wife YOUR PREGNANT WIFE!!! Then you had to be another kind of something I can't even think of a word for it. But I will say that I hope the guards in your new gated community hate you as much as the rest of us. And o hope one day they turn their heads and look away while all of your new buddies hold you down and raw fuck you in your ass. And I hope it happens everyday for the rest of your life. No lube no spit just raw fucked by everyone over and over. And I hope they put you on suicide watch so you can't escape in any way. I would also like to pay more taxes to have you castrated and have your junk turned into a nice little pink pussy that way you can ride the double decker and I hope they get to you the next day after your surgery. I can't express how much hate I have for this guy no it doesn't effect my life in any way. It actually helps my creativity and that is what I hope it does for the other inmates who also have a creative hatetred for him. I know I am rambling but I just wanted to say a special something to this guy. And god bless both of the families and friends that were destroyed by this little bitch.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!! Put this guy in general population and turn your heads. Give these families some much needed revenge.

wow it sucks she recorded everything he seemed uncomfortable

women listen to your man's reactions instead of being mean to them

I mean… did your girlfriend asked you to do that? Why not divorce? Why chris? Why????
Those are cute and lovely childrens…
Why they have to die?
Do you afraid they will bother you when they grown up?
I guess the devil inside you was strong… strong enough to made you take away your childrens life…
And good news you are spending the rest of your life in prison… because your death won’t be equal to what you did…!!!

"Tampering with a deceased body". Unfortunately Planned Parenthood trafficked body parts from deceased bodies, yet are defended by many and still receive tax payer money. Talk about a sick world.

I will never understand WHY
He could’ve gotten a divorce
May she be resting in peace with her 2 beautiful daughters and unborn son

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