Cedric The Entertainer Was Once Cedric The Insurance Adjuster


If you want to see Cedric in a well-cast comedic role, check him out in Be Cool (the sequel to Get Shorty). The movie was decent (not bad, but not as good as the original), but Cedric's performance (especially in conjunction with André 3000) was hilarious.

He is upset because his privilege card carries no weight. Hopefully, he will soon be relegated to the cesspool he was born from. Welcome to Atlantic City. Hey Lindsay, come on out, the stress relief will add years to your life.

For a few moments, I was confused because I thought Cedric had passed away but then I realized I was thinking of Bernie Mac.

all the CBS sitcoms always look so sterile… everybody's got crisp shirts on, right out of the plastic wrap, the front door's got a fresh coat of paint, the "sunlight" looks like the lamps that were used to light Hitchcock movies are standing just outside the frame… i bet i could laugh my ass off watching that show if ABC or someone had made it.

Well crossing over your leg to the other is quite simple really. Stephen don't tell me you shaved your beard off on Wednesday night man? what the crack! May the beard live on in alternate dimension.

I have absolutely no desire to see his show about neighbors. Just being honest, the world is prejudice and annoying enough already, no thank you.

Steve has lost the edge. Does not seem to be interested in what his guest has to say. That could have been a funny interview. Maybe Steve is burned out

The Neighborhood is on as I type. When some people in this comment section, said they thought Cedric T. E. died. I thought it wasn't that long ago he played Garret Morris' son on 2 Broke Girls…….anyway the new white neighbor-wife is Beth Berhs ! I hadn't heard that she was in it. (Beth Berhs was on 2 B G's.)

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