CBC News Special: Speech from the Throne


There is no climate emergency…
There's a human pollution emergency…
There's a destruction of natural habitat emergency…
As the GTA consumes AAA farmland and forest to expand…

Holy how can anyone have wasted more time with commentary and speculations from those that don’t matter. Get on wth it already. Wow what a waste of time…nothing different.

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CBC – most of the comments below are counter productive because most of them are from trolls. These comment sections, obviously, are simply forums for propaganda. It would be better to turn them off and make the trolls find other places to attack Canadian democracy. Make them do it the old-fashioned way.

Why isn’t the mace covered as the mace and Governor General are symbols of monarchy so having both visible isn’t considered good.


Can someone tell me why everything seemed to be in french? Not complaining just really curious why i didn't hear any english until halfway through the video from any speaker who had a mic.

Viva Canada

Societies’s sovereignties, members of UN
U.S republicans are abusing their liberty leveraging criminology as facts of their actions are they’ve committed organized war crimes invading Iraq with false pretences to their president discounting his congressional approval dropping mother of all bombs while ordering dessert committing war crimes killing civilians to separating refuging families killing, loosing kids without trace. U.S capitalism has set back their country’s culture, economics even their justice system and healthcare. Their inflation proves capitalism is criminal mind set service’s ill self interest, U.S is betraying humanity and democracy of the globe U.S. is not fit to stay UN member!

"With regional devisions all too obvious". As usual, Mme Barton likes to ignore Mr. Coyne's critique of the FPTP voting system, which excerbates those differences.

All I know is at 1:01:28, Sophie Trudeau shares a drink of water with a Native Elder and drinks from the same glass – shows you true values of the Trudeau family. I'm kind of impressed

Oshawa is closing car plant, but in the USA they our opening a new car plant, battery power, why can't they do that in Oshawa, because taxes our to high and they want out of socialism and the same company closing in Oshawa is the same company that is opening new ones in the USA, in Ohio, more invested, more jobs it's the opposite, this country could be prosperous, but the liberals our worried about anything else but jobs, the opposite they our doing inslaving us,

That is nothing, there is something going on home land security told all American a while ago, about having 6 months of food, and plus there is some kind of interstellar pulse on Dec 10th coming from space, and in the USA, fema has hired every single tow truck company, and plus yesterday, they sent a space rocket up with supplies to the space station from that rich guy and today Russia has sent 2 tonnes of food to the space station and there is on the 8th of Dec there is a asteroid flying right by the sun, from interstellar space, she is a big one but the sun might blow it up because of the heat or it might change it direction to earth, it's coming this way anyways but the sun could change it just a little and it could hit earth that is what made me think they send two different rockets to the space station with food, start to worry if you see or hear of more going to space ,start to worry because they our trying to blow it up, the asteroid but just about few weeks ago, there was asteroid, a world destroyer, but a mother one hit it, and not if off it's course, from hitting the earth do your own investigation if you don't believe, I wrote a comment about assault rifles the govt want to make them illegal ,I thought only criminal had those things, there our very few In Canada, but what they our doing is going to slip in a law banning long guns, the liberals our known for doing that,

I have a question for Albertans! Do you really believe Alberta's fortunes will ever change for the better in this confederation? If you think things are bad now, the throne speech just proved things are gonna get a whole lot worse! 71,000 job losses in November alone, a throne speech that says things are gonna get a whole lot worse! Separatism on the rise in Quebec and the west! Are you hoping for some last second miracle as we head for a cliff??

a smirk and a smile…The GG does not seem to take the speech seriously. Barton seems biassed as usual. Who qualifies people in this country?

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