Cancer and Life Insurance –

can I get life insurance for cancer although there is no dedicated
insurance to cover cancer you can protect yourself and your family from
the financial burden a cancer diagnosis with critical illness cover what is
critical illness cover critical illness cover is designed to
pay out lump sum of money if the policyholder is diagnosed with
a condition on the chosen insurers list this means that if you’re
diagnosed with an illness coved by your insurer you receive a lump sum claiming on your policy with the cancer diagnosis if you receive a cancer diagnosis you can make a claim on your life
insurance and critical illness policy when you receive a payout the policy will
then close as with all claims providing you been honest about your
health and disclosed any medical details when you took out the policy your insurer should pay out getting covered after you’ve had cancer if you’re a cancer survivor and are looking for a new life insurance policy insurers will usually impose
a wait of around three years before accepting you onto a new policy this waiting period allows insurance
companies to consider the likelihood on a cancer returning and having to pay out on a future claim

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