Camlin premium vs Triangular colour pencils (Rs 200/- each)? 🤔

In regards to color pencils, a lot of persons are troubled which color pencil to buy Lately, a lot of confusion is going between these two color pencils which are of the same brand and of the same price I have made a color pencil review video on other color pencils too, you may go and watch in my channel But in Today’s video, I would specifically talk about these 2 Color pencils I will state out the merits and demerits of these two This is Camlin 24 premium colour pencils, Rich Smooth, as it is written on cover Let’s unbox to find out how true it is These are the methods displayed for cross-hatching Cross hatching with color pencils is fun Let’s open quickly and see And these colourful pencils 🙂 Opening a new box of pencil gives you an altogether different excitement These pencils are hexagonally shaped Triangular colour pencils with super smooth leads, both boxes are claiming to be smooth But I feel one must be more smother than the other This is how this pencil looks like These pencils look different from the first one we saw, and they are triangularly shaped It’s your personal choice to go for pencil shape, you may choose shape whichever fits well in your hands Personally, I prefer hexagonal shape, cause that is the shape of normal pencils which I am habituated to While scribbling, these pencils are running very smooth Trying every color is important, as we must check pigment each color produces This pencil is much smoother than the previous one This is more smooth and pigment too is more prominent But colors are very different in both sets In 1st row you could see, there are many shades of a single color, which I feel is a merit Freinds you may see the result here for both premium & triangular color pencils There’s not much difference in both, just triangular colors have neon colors too which is absent in premium and these colors are more vibrant than the premium colors Blending is equally good in both If you wish to draw realistic, then I would prefer premium color pencils as they have more variety If you are drawing cartoon or pop art then you should go for triangular color pencils So, I hope my friends, your confusion between the two must have been clear If so, do give a like to this video and share it with your friends, whosoever has confusion between these 2 color pencils Anyone new to my channel, subscribe to my channel for similar content every week


First one bro … love you and your arts … plzz do review of dervent shading pencil … … I want to buy it … plzz do it …

Sir please tell how to blend colour pencils and from which solvent or blender should I blend

Sir make one video on this please please please 🙏🙏🙏

Plz make a video on Andrew Loomis method of sketching humans. Though there are many videos.. but they are not in hindi and they don't give full description.

Hurt thichng video ji ji tombo ki ji prismacolor shcolar pencil 24 set ki revew ki jiye na kya bo v artist gred hoti h pliz Ripley ji

Hey vishal.. plz give suggestions for which paper I should use for realistic drawings in graphite and charcoal.. in medium range, not to costly

Outstanding video bro 👌👌👌👍
Bhai mai v ek artist hu Mai
Dhanbad jharkhand se hu
Bhai mera channel ko visit karna please or mere videos me kiya problem ho rahi h mujhe jarur batana please bhai help me. .
Love you bhai 😙😙😙

Please bro suggest any other mechanical pencils.. I can't afford these costly mechanical pencils with lead. I can spend max to 450-500.

Please review Camlin pen pencil (mechanical pencil with color lead) , Camlin oil pastels ( both student and artist quality) and Camlin brush pens.

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