California health insurance mandate, explained

In 2018 President Trump made a big announcement
in his State of the Union speech. “We repealed the core of the disastrous
Obamacare. The individual mandate is now gone.” There’s no more federal penalty for those
who don’t carry insurance. But soon, there will be a state penalty —although there’ll
also be some new state money to help some people avoid that penalty by buying health
insurance. Hi, I’m Elizabeth Aguilera, health reporter
for CalMatters. I’m explaining how this is going to work. Starting Jan 1, 2020, California will begin
requiring that everyone have health insurance in 2020, or face a fee when you file your
taxes in 2021. The state is also chipping in to help some
families that don’t qualify for assistance through the federal Obamacare program. State lawmakers say the mandate is important.
Under Obamacare the uninsured rate dropped in California to 7 percent. BUT WITH NO PENALTY,
they needed to have insurance anymore. And the more people who opt-out, the higher the
cost. The new subsidies go hand-in-hand with the
state’s new health insurance mandate. The state subsidies mean a single person earning
up to $74,000 a year would get some help paying their insurance. And a family of four earning
up to $154,000 a year could also get a break. So in 2020, Californians should plan on paying
for health insurance plan or paying a fee. And that fee? For a family of four the uninsured penalty
could be $2,000 or more. Learn more about this law and others at
For CalMatters, I’m Elizabeth Aguilera.

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