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whats up guys? welcome back to a brand new episode of bar gains i’m Raunak and today we are going to compare the world renowned Budweiser premium lager beer with its new competitor in the market the market the Budweiser 0.0 if you want to join me in my quest for exploring exquisite beers from around the world do subscribe to my channel watch this video till the end
if you like this video do give us a thumbs up leave your feed back in the comments section but why are we comparing these two beers? and the packaging looks pretty similar so lets find out
what is so different in these two beers? coming up today’s beer Budweiser is manufactured by anheuser busch in bev which is the highest selling beer in the usa the bud light variant so lets explore these beers and lets get to know what is Budweiser 0.0? this is an american beer and it goes through a process of beach wood ageing this beer comes in a 500 ml can which is available in beer shops
this beer costs 160 rs in Uttar Pradesh this beer has been manufactured in haryana
breweries which is situated in murthal, sonipat. the ingredients of this beer are
water, malted barley, rice , hops and co2 and the alcohol content of this beer is not
exceeding 5% ABV which qualifies this beer in the category
of mind beers and as i have previously told you that a premium beer contains minimum 4.6% ABV. the can says “brewed by our original process
from the choicest hops, rice and best barley malt” now if this beer is not manufactured in the USA in this case only the brewing process
is same but you will definitely find some difference between the USA manufactured and Indian manufactured beer because of the ingredients moving on to the Budweiser 0.0 this beer comes in a 330 ml can which costs rs 80 pan India because this is not an alcoholic beverage the can clearly states non alcoholic beer but as i have told you before in the Heineken 0.0 review even though the can says its non alcoholic there are traces of alcohol in this beer im sure you all might be wondering 500ml of alcoholic beer costs 160rs and this
330ml can of non alcoholic beer is worth rs80! is this pricing justified? excise duties are levied on alcoholic beverages
but not on non alcoholic beverages! the reason is that this is an imported product
and is manufactured in China the ingredients of this 0.0 are water, malted
barley , rice hops and additional flavors as i have told you before the Heineken 0.0
can does not mention the alcohol content in their can but this can clearly mentions “alcohol
content not more than 0.05% ABV” if we see the nutritional value of this beer
per 100ml there are 25.7 Kcal , of which sugar is .24gms, protein .2gm/100ml and carbohydrates 6gm /100ml this beer has been brewed in north hancheng road , lantiang economic development
district, zanchow which is in China the main difference between these beers is
the alcohol content so lets move ahead towards the tasting if we look at the Budweiser 0.0 , the retention of the head is hardly there just like soda and the Budweiser premium lager beer also has a short head retention but leaves behind
a thin lacing the reason for this is the added adjunct in
this beer which is rice. rice shortens the head retention of the beer
but it gives a smooth and less bitter taste so lets compare both these beers the color is more or less the same it is a light golden colored beer with a lot
of carbonation if we check the aroma it has a mild aroma of malted barley and some sweet notes cheers! the taste characteristics of this beer are
very mild , it tastes of malted barley which is quite
mild due to the addition of rice it is a slightly sweet beer
the bitterness levels are really low if you are not aware of the alcohol content
of this beer you will never be able to tell while sipping
this beer this can be a day time drinking beer, you
can enjoy this beer while watching a movie or some sports
and this is quite a mild and light beer lets move on to 0.0 the aroma of this beer is lighter than that of Budweiser premium lager
it has a super light aroma of malted barley, it tastes really light and really mild
the taste of malted barley is barely noticeable the taste of this beer is pretty similar to
Budweiser lager but if you consume these two beers side by
side then you will realize that this is much lighter
than the Budweiser premium lager if we compare these two beers,
the absence of alcohol would make this 0.0 taste bland
if you are a regular beer drinker the you might not like the taste of this beer
this beer is actually recommended for people who do not consume alcohol
if you are drinking beer for the first time , you can opt for the Budweiser 0.0 like other beers i would rate Budweiser premium lager 9/10 in the category of lager beers I’ve heard a lot of people complaining that
this beer is high in carbonation and that it bloats their stomach the reason for this is that you have been consuming this beer directly from the can and the right way to have this beer is to first pour it in a glass if we look at the Indian beer culture , here beer is consumed to get high and not to enjoy the beverage so if you are looking for a smooth , less
bitter and refreshing beer then you should go in for the Budweiser premium lager beer and if you don’t intend to consume alcohol then you can opt for the Budweiser 0.0 the Budweiser premium lager beer can be a good beer for a beginner as the taste is very
mild and for those people who complain that beer
is a bitter drink, i would like to tell them to go and try the Budweiser premium lager
beer that’s all for today folks
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