Body shops say insurance companies are skimping on repairs


"we want new, authentic, original parts being put on our vehicles!!!"

insurance prices go up to make up the cost

"HEY! why is insurance so expensive?!?"

This report is full of misconceptions. AAA insurance companies have very specific training and policies that speak to each of these issues. Can't repair frames that has shearing or kinks. Can't repair ultra high strength steels, door intrusion beams, struts, or impact bars. Can't plug or patch tires. Can't use recycled or aftermarket for safety components like seatbelts, airbags, child sights… Can't steer customers towards specific body shops. Frame damage? Need to pay set-up and measure to ensure that the frame is within a 3mm tolerance of its perfect specs before going back out. Sure, insurance companies will write for recycled and aftermarket parts, as well virtually all body shops doing private repairs, because there is nothing wrong with them. Look at all the techs and part guys commenting here! They'd order those parts too, but theres no way in hell they're installing that broken headlight in this report or negligently shrugging off that rim damage and sending that lady back onto the highway with her car like that. The standard insurance companies meet is pre-loss condition. The condition of your vehicle before your accident. If you need the tail lamp replaced on your Impala with 80K miles on it, how is it not restored to pre-loss condition by taking a functioning and undamaged light off another car that had 40K miles, ensuring proper fit and function, buffing/refinishing, and QC. Adjusters have part-locating systems they use to write estimates; they don't do the actual work or see the part. When they write for a part, the body shop actually orders it and needs to inspect that part when it comes in before installing. If they're dealing with a dishonest salvage yard that sends a broken part, it is 100% the wrong answer for a shop to just shrug it off and install it anyways. Show the adjuster, and they'll order a new part that isn't broken, no-brainer. The parts guy also knows the place where that junk came from, and will think twice the next time he orders from them. Adjusters don't want to send their customers back out on the road with broken cars. They want a cost-effective, but thorough and complete repair. Speak to professional techs who actually work at body shops. They'll generally tell you that adjusters give them a squeeze, but its nowhere remotely comparable to the type of corner-cutting and outright fraud that the sketchiest shops engage in. This report is misinformed and ill-researched.

EVERY SINGLE VEHICLE ON THE ROAD TODAY IS RUNNING ON 100%USED PARTS. when used parts are to be installed its up to the repair center technician to inspect them prior to installation.

Now if they would of fixed it right the first time it wouldn’t be a total loss. Stupid cheap ass insurance company

It's not exactly a catch 22, there's a difference between repairing un-repaired damage present before the accident and damage that occurred before the accident that needs to be replaced in order to repair the damage that came from the accident. This video has ALSO shed some interesting questions… Cutting corners to give crappy second hand parts to fall in-line with the un-repaired damage before the accident in order to repair the damage incurred…. Unbelievable. Or even a simple scenario… Your run of the mill claim. Prestine car, gets involved in an accident and the damage that came from the accident is repaired by cutting corners. That scenario would be disgusting. (I do apologize if this is a brain teaser I work in insurance in another country. )
In your settlement clause of your policy there's a wording that states that the insurer or at fault party is not liable to repair or replace damage that was not incurred during the accident. This creates a fine line between what needs to be done during the claim and what should have been done by the owner before taking the vehicle back on the road before an accident can occur.
Interesting right. There's nothing wrong from an insurance claim side of things here but when this involves cutting corners on parts, theres no excuse by the insurer that can clarify the reason to do so.

Insurance companies are the fucking scum of the earth. They have no problem taking your money "in case" something happens, and then when something actually does happen they do whatever they can to skimp out on paying for shit. And then they double or even triple your rates because you dared to call on them to do what they're supposed to fucking do. All the money you've paid these fucks over the years, and they're gonna have the balls to cheap out on fixing your car? Fuck these scam-artist insurance companies. Learn to repair your shit yourself, trust me you'll save money.

I've owned a small , high quality shop for 28 yrs. now. While this State Farm guy makes it sound like it is no problem to choose your shop, But what he isn't telling you is that when you DO pick your shop, they delay every process they can, for instance if there are no available salvage parts locally, they find used parts out of your delivery area knowing you won't pay for a used part you cannot inspect . So now you have to contact them, wait up to 5 days without proceeding. Some customers have said to me they were told it would take 2 weeks to get an appraiser out to look at their car, industry standard is 3 days In a nutshell most insurance companies seem to purposely delay the repair progress in retaliation for choosing your repair shop, that is my opinion, but when I comment to the customer that they are being "spanked" for not rolling over, they tend to agree. In all honesty, in this town state farm hasn't used aftermarket parts lately.There is nothing wrong with unbolted salvage parts, our standard is they must have factory paint which means the are unmolested. When they figure welded salvaged parts , they are NOT a good idea, since you have to drill holes larger than the actual factory weld, causing a larger weld, more heat, exc , I have told appraisers this and they refuse to pay for new welded in parts. No matter what they say, aftermarket parts suck, are inferior, in my opinion even the CAPA certified are no different than the uncertified. A CAPA certified part is just a part with an expensive sticker in my opinion. They say they don't force us to use this stuff, well, they won't pay to repair the car any other way…. that IS forcing us to do it their way or lose the job, or fix it at a loss. BY the way, when you hear the insurance term "industry standard" – that means : "good enuff" .

When you take your car in for a radiator the repair shop don’t use a junkyard used radiator. It’s the insurance companies being cheap asses . If you lease a car that doesn’t really belong to you and you wreck it and it gets fixed it’s not right to turn in that lease with aftermarket or used parts that’s shady as hell giving a car back with inferior parts .. insurance companies need to held accountable. Direct repair shops should be made illegal.

I don't have an issue with used parts as long as they are actually serviceable. That re-manufactured headlamp assembly is not repaired such that it will last in service.
I do have a problem with shoddy work like bolting on new covers and not fixing body and frame damage underneath.

Good journalism there. You know the shops they generally recommend are the biggest and best shops in order to give better service and speed up the process. I know first hand the shops on their networks are the big good ones, the ones complaining are the little guys with poor business skills. Also, do some dang research on the parts before you go scaring the viewers. Most parts are insurance grade meaning not crappy junk yard parts. You know shops make a lot more money on markup on new parts so they have a huge incentive to tell you other parts are bad.

So when a ford focus gets rear ended and total losses and the front is unaffected, we should waste all those front end parts and throw them in our giant land fills so some of these sketchy shops can make as much money as possible? I really am disappointed at this journalism, where is the insurance agents point of view here? No company is going to intentionally put on crap “junk yard” rusted parts and not expect angry calls constantly and terrible PR in a highly competitive business. Guarantee if people were paying out of pocket and shop could’ve bought a reman bumper and didn’t they would call the shop a thief. Hope cnn loses all its ad money from any insurance company

This is what happens when people ask their insurance where to go, when fact is the law will allow you to use any shop that YOU pick. Don't be a shmuck and let the insurance companies shaft you.

At least one out of every 5 commenters on this video would have had their vehicle totaled if not for the use of recycled or aftermarket parts.

Ever look in the big cities? Who has the tallest buildings? Insurance companies and banks. Gee I wonder why?? 99%of people dont even know they are being ripped off and so many shady shops just thrive on them. Ive been in this trade a long time and have seen so many people being abused by insurance companies and no government rules apply it seems. They charge people full premiums to buy insurance and the cheap their way out the best way they know. And by the way it`s not only State Farm..They all do it!

Story is wrong from start to finish first state farm is either oem or lkq used parts only no aftermarket allowed. Read you policy all state what kind of parts will be used to do a repair if u want all oem then u buy a oem policy usually only like another 2 dollars a month. And that car that had they made a big deal about the rims being bent on the 8i inside no less I'm sorry but it would be 1000 percent impossible for a rear end wreck to get a bent wheel like that let alone 3 that is pot holes all day long and being out of balance. Even stuff like this CNN dont know shit do research

When car companies want an older car totaled, their estimates for repairs don't cut corners and are inflated on the safety side. The insurance company won't accept estimates from repair shops that might be able to cut some corners and lower the repair estimate that would be used in the calculation to total a car.

I get it they are right but problem is is the policy you buy…if you buy insurance from Chubb Zurich or Amica you would not have this issue but you pay the premium…

I worked for a body shop. Yes they replace parts with junk yard stuff. But u have to remember that they or trying to pocket money. The mechanics are told to do it or be fired. I know I was fired for Reporting it to my supervisor.

This shit goes on evory damn day. People are oblivious to it. As a 35 year mechanic I will suggest people go to the body shop and personal inspiration by their own mechanic.

Okay.. what good body shops do is is send the part as no good.."not insurance quality"
At that point Insurance will approve OEM part.

AND we do as a body shop check parts. If not good it is send back! Then buy OEM factory period! Plus the insurance companies have no right legally to choose anyone's body shop.. in any state.!!! All be true this news feed is wrong. Most of us look out for the customer. It angers me how ignorant they are.

People talking about used parts devaluing the car. Once it's been in an accident it's already devalued. Even after repairs.

I dont have a problem with used parts as long as they have no previous damage that light they showed in video had no right to be put back on a car in nc that light would fail an nc inspectuon

Ya in Cali, if you get in 1 accident and the price to repair is over 1k, which btw is like nothing these days my rates went from $100 to $190 a month for 3 years!

Two problems: consumers are ignorant; 3rd party payment. This is a recipe for conflict and exploitation.
Same problems with medical system.

Insurance companies have meetings every week with their adjusters, on how to screw the body shops and customers. It's just their nature.

I had a claim with Nationwide Insurance. I had trouble with my vehicle after the rushed repairs. I found hidden damage underneath the shiny repairs. See:

Auto Insurance Companies have did this for 60 plus years that I personally know of being in that business. Getting worse with each passing year. All about profits!

if there is any networks looking to make millions.. theres a sweatshop type story hear of epic size. if people only knew what was really going on…whew!!!!

Two sides to this argument.What i do know is car dealerships are the most ruthless,dishonest folks you will ever have to deal with.

This has happened to me. The body shop called me and told me the insurance company would only approve used parts and after market parts that were junk and unsafe. I had to quote Texas law to the insurance company that the car owner has the right to choose original manufactured parts and threaten to file a complaint with with the Texas department of insurance, if they didn’t approve OME parts. The insurance company approve OME parts.

Now that funny car insurance been a racket since the 60's now days they even have the government on their side and still fuck you over I'm telling you I'm in the wrong business !!!! Lol 🤣🤣🤣

is not fear..some one hit my car, and Him isurance want to give me 1/2 price to repair.the guy hit,they fixing him car and my still with my car broken down,damage snd they said go to buy car for $1000.My insurance they hide they don't say anything


State farm already buying out the judges though, Geico probabaily got the states, progressive got control of the attorney generals. Good luck exposing them haha.

This has been going on for many many years. Nothing new here. The smaller operators are squeezed out of business by the large corporate shops who are hand in hand with the insurance companies to steer business to them. The only argument I have with this report is singling out state farm which in reality does a better job than most of the other large insurers but pressures shops to play their game or lose their business. They all make it much more inconvenient for their customers to use an independent shop. I was in the business for years in the early 2000's and finally got tired of putting up with them . I was actually only affiliated with state farm as their program was the only one that refused aftermarket sheet metal parts which never fit as good as OEM new parts. Most all insurance companies specified what they would call LKQ (Like kind and quality) basically salvage yard parts. never allowing enough time to prepare those parts for use so costing the repair shop money or forcing them to do less of a quality repair. Most quality shops would eat the cost difference and cut into their profits ,if any, to replace them with new . We pushed more custom and restoration work in our shop which we had total control of and refused Preferred insurance programs . I have also managed dealership shops after closing my own shop and all pushed the preferred programs corporate owned dealerships and the only thing they were ever concerned with was profit and cycle time. Insurance companies would only allot what they considered enough time to repair a car and refuse rental car coverage over that time without a fight. The consumer was always at the bottom . Shop owners are always blamed by the insurance companies and made out to be the bad guy. I finally got tired of being in the middle and totally left the industry. The insurance companies rely on consumers remaining un educated about their rights and the actual law. Read your policy !! The insurance companies run the auto body business period.


I will tell you first hand as a 15 year veteran and heavy hit frame tech insurance companies refuse to pay to fix the car properly. A honest shop will accept losing some profits just to make sure the customer is safe. I can't legally say anymore. I dont want to get blacklisted.

Anyone ever heard of insurance companies going out of business? I've seen plenty of body shops go out of business.

As a body shop worker myself. Iv found aftermark parts fenders ,lights n bonets to mostly be good to just depends on the molds thats these parts are being pressed from. Some aftermarket companies have better moldes than others

I've been working in the auto repair industry.. And they got us bye the balls.. The run the show😒😒😒

Yes, insurance companies are as crooked as the day is long. No question there. But, how did this lady's front tire rims get bent from a rear end collision?

I feel like I’m going through this right now, I’ve been dealing with the insurance company for over 5 months, still waiting on my car to be finished. It’s really ridiculous the day I got it back the car lost control and I almost ended up in another accident, had to be towed again back to the body shop, been in almost 10 rentals. Not sure what to do, none of my body panels match/line up. Please help.

Insurance companies run everything trust me ive been doing body work for over 20 years i hate them

my advice take your car to caliber collision.
they have shops, all over the country.
and they do good work. check out the reviews.

Used Parts are fine if they are in Good Condition, Not Aftermarket, Not Older than Vehicle being repaired, Aftermarket acceptable if Vehicle is being Requested by Vehicle Owner.

Learning to repair my own vehicle, wonder if insurance would buy parts by sending a cheque and I'll do the repair myself🤔dash cam, home security cam, starting to feel so defensive in this world of crazy people.

I am a mechanic and I prefer used good condition oe panels as the fit and quality is so much better than aftermarket stuff but the choice has to be left to the customer as how much if any carefully selected used parts are fitted.

Cops ,tow truck operators , bodyshops and insurance companies are out there to rip you off. I`ve been in this trade for a long time and I know how they work. When you purchase insurance ,ask to speak with the CEO and make a deal with them. And get it in writing. You just need to let them know that you know what you are taking about and they will look after you. This makes me so sick.

It’s every aspect. The company, insurance, time line, techs are fucked if they are top notch. Pay isn’t what it used to be. Bosses want it out, insurance wants it out. Then there are the surveys!!! FML!!! Fix Auto being a franchise is even worse!! Less benefits nor pressure just worse

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