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Mike Sarnel:
Good evening, everyone,
and welcome to round one of
the New Jersey State Playoffs,
a little slice of March Madness
right here in New Jersey.
64 teams enter and one walks
away with the crown.
Central is a team
that many discounted
at the beginning of the season,
but here they are,
just five games away
from a state championship
and one game away
from a devastating end
to their season.
Brill pokes it away.Trench, back to Brill
and he won’t be stopped.
The upperclassmen putting
on a show tonight
for all of family members
who have come out
to celebrate Senior Night.It’s the end at the top
of the key.
To Isaiah, down low,
and banks it in.
Central starting to put
this game out of reach.
– ( buzzer )
And that’ll bring us
to halftime
here at the Devil’s Den.Oh! Stay in there, baby! Yeah! All right, we’re doing
our Senior Night tonight. Class of 2018
in the building! ( cheering ) We have six seniors
on the team this year. When I call them up, I’d like their family
to come down on the court. They didn’t bring none
of my sisters, nobody. Coach Shawn McCray:
Our first senior,
he’s our point guard. Let’s give it up
for Brill, y’all. My mother ain’t comin’? Hold on, hold on.
There’s my mother. – Come on!
– He gonna wait for Mama. Shawn:
All right, our next senior, we wanna call out
Olufela Sadik. I’d like to call the family
of Kareem Davis. The family of Omar Terry,
please come down. Omar Terry. Isaiah Smith:
My father said he was comin’.
I’m like, “For real?”‘Cause I just wanna have
just somebody,
like, from my family come. That’s why I begged them.
You know? Shawn:
We’d like to call out
Dee-End McRae. ( cheers, whistles ) Goddamn! They got the whole clan. ( indistinct chatter ) Okay, big baby. Our final senior tonight, this
is his second year on varsity. We wanna call out the family
of Isaiah Smith. Hey, OG. – Yeah?
– He ain’t coming. What’s that?
They ain’t come? Smith:
My father’s been locked up
my whole life.
My mother said he didn’t even
know I was about to be born.
He didn’t find out
till he was locked up.
That’s why I don’t, like,
really blame him.
Right here. Shawn:
You wanna take–
let me take your picture. Player:
Come on, baby.
You got this. Why, this dude’s money
right here. – Let’s go, J.
– Move to the middle. – Move to the middle.
– Y’all squeeze in, y’all. Y’all squeeze in.
We all family. – We all family, come on.
– All right, all right.( music playing )( music playing )Man:
Here we go.
Here we go. Woman:
Yeah! ( cheers, applause ) Woman:
All right, Isaiah! Get ’em, son! Obviously I got good ones
with you grabbing ’em. – You hold these–
– Let’s go, man. – That’s my father.
– That’s your father? – Hey, how you doin’?
– How you doin’? Vice-Principal Gifted.
Nice to meet you. Oh, yeah, I can see
the resemblance. ( laughs ) That’s his father here. Oh, you sweatin’. Huh? Just kickin’ it.
I thought you ain’t come. – Huh?
– I thought you ain’t come. – Why? Why?
– Huh? I didn’t–
I didn’t know. Yeah. But we ain’t about to lose.( music playing )Man:
Welcome to College Game Day!
A team that is annoyed,that is playing angry
and going to play together. I don’t see a lot of people
putting Arizona
in the final four. They have the talent
to be there.When I’m in the middle of work
and I’m on air–
you’re doing this show,
you’re going back to
“Sports Center.” You’re doing this two-hour show,
you’re doing a show in L.A. You’re doing a show here.
It’s just nonstop.Sometimes I feel helpless.I wanna be there for them
every step of the way.But I can’t be.Shawn:
We’re on our way
to Westside. Well, you know,
we have our history
with Westside. In the last three years, they’ve
beaten us about eight times out of the nine,
ten times that we’ve met. So, you know, it’s a big game. It’s a big game. Announcer:
Fresh off of victories against
Whippany Park and Madison,
Central has powered
through the first two
rounds of the playoffs
and advanced to the Sweet 16for a grudge match
against Westside.
All right, here we go.
We wanted Westside
in the semis.
The most disciplined
team will win.
We control the controllable.
We like that. And we looking at them,
they looking like, “F–“. Haddie:
Everybody doubting us.
So they think,
this is state time,
Westside is gonna beat us.
I feel like we’re better.We’re better than we was
at the Christmas tournament. Haddie, when Joel
get the ball in the corner, you slide up for the skip, and kill the fast break.
That’s your only job.So that allows Brill to do
what he likes to do, right?
– Darnell:Pressure the ball
and what?
Steal it.
Yes. He likes goingfor them little cheap-ass,
punk-ass reaches, right?
Darnell, what did you say
in the locker room?
We gotta do what?
Help the what?
Help the helper.
Help the helper.Darnell:
He ain’t gotta know
somebody got his back.
He helped Brill, so somebody
gotta help Dee-End.
We gotta help each other.Isaiah:
We played ’em
at a Christmas tournament.
We could’ve won.
I missed the free throws.
And that’s why I never miss
two free throws ever again.
But we don’t like Westside.Nobody on this team
like Westside.
We would never ever
like Westside. Ever. So we’re gonna get this season
over with and– but we ain’t gonna talk,
you know? I’m just gonna point
at the scoreboard.We not gonna feed
into what they trying to do.
We just gonna play our game.Haddie:
I think this our year.
Been on a run, been doing good.We had ups and downs,
but I think this our year.
How do you make a grudge match
with crosstown rivals
even bigger?
You put it in the playoffs.Good afternoon, everyone.
I’m Mike Samsel.
We’ve got a great game today,featuring Central
against Westside.
Westside beat Central
in the Christmas tournament,
but today it’s all on the line.The loser goes home and
the winner continues their run
towards a state championship.Ain’t no next week, man. There ain’t gonna be
no tomorrow. Fuck them. Fuck them. Straight like that. Samsel:
It’s time for tip-off,
and someone’s season
will end today.
Zarique wins the opening tip
and we are underway.
Brill down to Joel,
right corner.
A left-hand dribble
and his pass is stolen.
Latham with a right-hand layup
and good.
Hey, Joel, look inside! Samsel:
Brill surveys the D.
Zarique, baseline play
and got it.
Let’s go!Central loves it
when Zarique is hot.
Huntley for Westside
on the right wing.
And he’s called for the travel.Haddie step back,
left corner three.
Count it.Central off to a hot start.Hardens pull up jumper
and hits.
Brill brings it across,
Zarique, left corner.
Haddie, three.Got it!Back-to-back three-pointers
for Haddie Evans.
Brill on the break,
gives to Haddie.
Pump fakes and lays it in.Eight straight points
for Haddie Evans.
Final possession
of the quarter.
Latham at the top.Defense block,
then it’s poked away.
He gets it back
but won’t get the shot off
by the end of the quarter.
– Let’s go! Let’s go!Central firing out of the gate,and they have a 10-point lead
as we go to the second.
We’re good.
They ain’t got
nowhere to go. They don’t got nobody
to pass the ball to, man. Nobody can score. Nobody on their team can score
unless we let ’em score. – Y’all, we cut their head off.
– Come on, man.( music playing )Samsel:
Brill brings it
across the timeline,
over to Joel for three.No good, and Zarique Nutter
gets dragged to the floor.
( people clamoring ) That’s all they do
is grab. That’s all they do.
I’m just letting you know. All right. All they fucking do is grab,
man.Huntley drives, loses it,
and grab’s Zarique’s leg.
Yo, that’s intentional! ( people clamoring )Things starting to get a little
chippy out there.
Don’t get caught up
in they bullshit, man. Let them do what they wanna do. Don’t get caught up
in that shit, man. We don’t do
that unsportsmanlike shit, bruh. Like, I ain’t got no time
for it in my life. Samsel:
Free throw no good.
Loose ball on the rebound.
( whistle blows )Wow! A technical foul
called on Central.
Yo, man, what’s wrong
with you man? So what you gonna do?
So what you gonna do? What was you–
what was you going to do? Why you ain’t get
the fucking rebound? – What was you gonna do?
– I tried to box him out. Hey, Isaiah,
switch seats with him. Get out of here, man. Get out of here, man.
Get your ass over there. Hope your mother here.
Your mother can watch you. Samsel:
Final play of the half.
Westside inbounds.And it’s stolen by Dee-End.Puts it up– the buzzer
and no good.
The first half has come
to an end,
a very contentious first half.The good news for Central,
they have the lead.
The good news for Westside,they’ve taken a lead like this
from Central before.
They’re playing a little
bit tougher.
– They’re playing more
aggressive. Right?
– So you gotta be strong. If you’re strong
and they playing aggressive, the ref will call a foul. If you’re weak
and they playing aggressive, they gonna take
the ball from you. You have to be just as strong
as them with the basketball. That’s where you get
the foul called at. And when we’re going
to the basket, fuck all the loopty loop,
the Filayyyy, the jelly, the cornbread–
just lay the ball up strong. At the rim. That half is gone, all right. – We’re down with six.
– Players: Seven. Seven?
We gotta get it now. This third is now or never, man. It’s the biggest path
of your life right here. Do not fucking tap your chest
in the first four minutes. Mistake-free basketball,
play for your brother. Fight on three.
One, two, three. – All: Fight!
– Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! ( cheerleaders cheering ) Samsel:
Central on a 7-0 tear
to start the third,
trying to put this game away.Latham gets the loose ball
and hits the three.
Brill to inbound.In to Zarique,
in trouble in the corner,
and it’s poked away
and stolen.
Back to Latham
and lays it in!
Great defense from Westside.They keep the pressure on.And it’s thrown low by Dee-End.Latham drives baseline, got it!And a foul.Let’s go!( music playing )Down by as many as 14,Westside has clawed
their way back to seven.
Please don’t buy
into they bullshit, yo.
What I say about grind? Get ready, there’s a new play.
All right? We a’ight, man.
Discipline, discipline. Discipline, discipline. Let’s go, man.Let’s go. We all right.( music playing )Samsel:
Brill will initiate
the offense for Central.
Ahead to Haddie and it’s tipped
away and stolen.
Diving on the floor,
they get it back.
To Dee-End.Outwits the defense
and lays it in!
Nobody can guard
Dee-End, man. Nobody out there
can guard Dee-End. Samsel:
Central’s starting to push.
Haddie, left corner, three.No good, but Dee-End,
the rebound and the put back.
( crowd cheering )Latham on the drive.Dee-End with the rebound,
under some pressure.
Able to step through it.Ahead to Joel, drives
to the rim, puts it up!
( crowd cheers ) Yeah!
That’s fucking dope! Samsel:
Central feeling it
and back on top by 13.
Dee-End in the paint.Spin move and lays it in.( crowd cheers ) You win in grace,
you lose in grace. Samsel:
Facing pressure on the inbound,
Haddie to Zarique.
Let the celebration begin.Yeah, you didn’t stop, man! Hey, you had your chance,
hold your head– stop. Yo! Fix your face. Fix your face.
Fix your face. All right. Samsel:
And Central clearing out
the bench.
( crowd cheering ) ( buzzer )That’s gonna do it.Central upsets their rivaland ends their season
with an emphatic win.
Central advances
to the state quarterfinals.
– You all right?
– Yeah. Had a good game,
all right? Go win it all.
All right? Go win it all. All right?
Go win it all. All right? Samsel:
Central is healthy
and firing on all cylinders.
They’re starting to look
like real contenders
for the state championship.( players cheering )Louder! Get louder here. Hey! – Yeah!
– Yeah. Yeah! R-I-P! R-I-P! R-I-P! – R-I-P!
– Hey. Hey. Hey, great job, man.
Great job. Way to withstand the booty-ass
pressure they threw on us. Told ya,
nobody can beat y’all, man. There’s no team out there
better than us, man. Nobody works harder
than y’all, man. You know what? Yo! It’s not gonna get
no easier now. Yo, the grind
continues, man. Y’all believe
that shit, man. That’s gonna prep you
for life, man. Some of y’all
gonna be fathers,
man, husbands. The grind continues, man.
You gonna wake up, you ain’t got no money
in your pocket, man. You understand me? You gonna wake up,
you gotta go to work, man. But I’m telling you
right now, man,
if you buy into it, man, if you believe in it, man,
you can do it. – ‘Cause we all we got.
– We all we need. – We all we need, man.
– Shawn: Hey, bring it in, man. – Bring it in, bring it in.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah! Central on three, family on six,
together on nine. – One, two, three–
Four, five, six–
– All: Central. Family. – Seven, eight, nine.
– All: Together. How about we get dressed,
we get the fuck out of here. Yeah, for real. Malikah on phone:
Come on now,
you know I’m at work.
All right.
You’re still coming, right?All right.Yeah, yeah, you gotta–
( continues indistinctly )
Nah. ( overlapping chatter ) You feel me, though? Feel me–
Hey, coach! Hey, coach, I like
how you coming, though. ‘Cause you–
You just– ( laughter ) Oh! Oh, you breaking off
a piece? He ain’t breaking–
you breaking off a piece? That’s what I do.
I take cookies. Haddie gotta
pay for his own. Be excited! – All: Five, six–
– Five, seven. – All: Five, eight.
– Five, nine. What up? What up? What’s up, little man?This is the last practice
for me and that kinda sucks.
These guys are like
my little brothers,
you know? And– It’s weird ’cause I can’t
be part of– I can’t be part of the rest
of their journey with ’em. – You ready for it?
– Yeah. I know you’re ready. Hey, create contact
with me first! There you go. Expect the contact,
create it.Since the North Carolina trip,
I’ve been on the road,
so, it’s, uh,you know, last time I get
a chance to kinda see them and interact with them
as March Madness approaches. Hey, Jay,
you getting on? – You want me on?
– I want you on. – Hey!
– Come on, come on.I want them to win
a championship.
I want them to have
that feeling as a team,
and as a brotherhood. And it’s the most
amazing feeling to think about all the things
you went through. – Hey!
– ( whistle blows ) Hey!I am so damn proud of Quan.From where that kid started off
to where that kid is now,
the fact that he was in jail.And we were having
a conversation mid-season,
like, I thought we lost him.And he’s better than ever now.So I don’t wannacategorize the season
as wins and losses. Oh, you skipped me. Yeah, I skipped you. Why you put your hands up? Yo, you raise
your hands on me? – What?
– I got quick hands, though. – Why you reaching out?
– ( snickers ) Why you trying
to stop my hands? Why you even do– yeah. Darnell:
Yo, there’s only eight teams
left in the state playoffs,
four are going home. All right,
know what we walking into, man. I’m gonna sit there,
we’re gonna be yelling. We’re gonna do our part.
Now it’s gonna be time
for y’all to do yours. Got something, Jay? Yeah, um, today’s
a tough day for me. Today’s my last day
I’m kinda with you guys. You know, we got March Madness
coming up, and, um– I love you guys, man. Y’all are my family
and this is– – This is–
– ( all agreeing ) This has been the best thing
I’ve ever done in my life,
to be with you guys, and I wanna say thank you
for allowing me to be a part of
the opportunity and, um– Well, regardless, like,
you got nothing left to play for
but yourselves, man. At the end of the day,
like, this game– this game offers a lot
for people who take advantage of it. A lot of people
just take it for granted, like I took it for granted
when I was younger. The one thing I wish when
we went down to the Duke game, more than anything, man,
like, I miss– I’m the only child. I don’t have
any brothers or sisters. So, like, my team were
my brothers, you know, and I don’t have
that shit anymore. It goes. Everybody goes on and
they live their different lives. I just want you guys
to recognize how special of a thing
that you guys got going. Like, watching y’all
hug each other– you know,
Haddie goes through stuff, we’re there for him.
When Isaiah struggles, we’re there for him.
We help each other out. I just want y’all to play
with that same sense of urgency on the floor, ’cause nobody should want it
more than this group
right here, man. Y’all came a long fucking way, and y’all gonna keep going,
just stay together. And I love y’all.
( sniffs ) That’s all I got.( music playing )( people chanting, clapping )( music playing )( chanting )
Overrated! Overrated! Samsel:
We’ve got a rowdy home crowd
here tonight at Hackettstown
for the quarterfinal
of the New Jersey State
Central really has its work
cut out today.
The Hackettstown Tigers are
the top seed in the section
and home court advantage will
surely come in to play today.
Defense!Hackettstown ball.Pass inside, it’s tipped away
and stolen.
Brill pushes it to Zarique,
and lays it in.
Brill quick dish to Dee-End.He’s unstoppable.Joel at the top,
comes underneath to Zarique,
with the slam!Central upsets
the number one seed.
A little pandemonium here
at courtside,
as Coach McCray locks up
his 200th career win.
Central becomes
the 2018 Sectional champions
and they advance
to the state semifinals!
I feel like we came out
with a slow start but we came out with more energy
in the second half. Samsel:
Central set to take
on the Ramsey Rams
for a chance to play
in the state finals.
Each team is on a runhaving won nine
of their last ten games.
Zarique, nice crossover
into the lane,
off to Omar Terry
and lays it in.
Omar is hot tonight.Rebound, Isaiah Smith
with the put-back.
Shaquan Clark drives in
up with the left hand.
No good.Rebound, tipped around Dee-End.Back to Shaquan,
up with a layup.
– ( whistle blows )
And Central with a foul.This hot Central team
shocks everyone,
and wins the state semifinal.Central advances to the
New Jersey State Championship.
Champs, right?– Yeah.
– Make it rough, man. Come on, man! Goddamn! Omar, great fucking job, bro. Great fucking job, bro. Yo, we’ve gotten better
and better and better. And everyone has contributed. I want to say– Omar had a great game. Quan Quan I thought
played great off the bench. ( players cheer and applaud ) Isaiah came in and gave us
some strong minutes. You never know
when it’s your turn. You never know. But I’m gonna keep it
a hundred, man. I ain’t– I ain’t– – Shoot.
– Get up, bro. No, I’m gonna keep
it a hundred. I didn’t think I was gonna
be here with Central. I’m just keeping it a hundred.
I didn’t think I’d be here. Get it out, bruh.
Come on. ‘Cause 2015, I got suspended
for 17 games for doing what I do. Looking out for kids.( music playing )In 2014-15,
one of our former players
asked, you know, to come
to the game as a spectator.He just recently graduated,but he ended up getting
arrested as a senior.
So he wasn’t really able
to go out
and take an advantage of
playing basketball in college
because he had an open case,
so instead of being
on the streets,
OG, you know, allowed him
to come into the school
and come to the practices
and things like that.
Technically, like,
if you’re not a team member,
you’re not supposed to be
in the locker room.
So, it was just something
that OG wanted to do,
keep a kid off the streets.During the game,
there was a verbal altercation
between the former player
and one of the current
players on the bench,
and after the game
they got into an altercation,
which led to the current player
having to have some
medical attention,
and Shawn was suspended.They banned the former player
from coming back
into the building,
and which led to that kid–
ended up, you know,
ultimately getting killed
out on the streets.
With that suspension, OG wasn’t
able to come to practice.
He wasn’t able to come
to any of the games.
I didn’t think that he was
gonna be brought back.
So I looked out for a kid
and he almost cost me my job. And, unfortunately,
that person’s dead now. So I mean, it is what it is. I thought I wasn’t coming back. Elizabeth called me.
Orange High School called me. North 13th Street
offered me the job. North Star called me. I couldn’t leave, man.
I couldn’t leave. I stayed, man. I do this for the love, man. Not for accolades,
that comes with it. I can’t do nothing about that. I do this for y’all. I don’t care about number one
playing the country. Fuck them niggas, man. If you play the game,
you could beat anybody. I never had name players
when I started Zoo Crew, and we went places
and kicked everybody’s ass because you gotta
have this, man. Fuck all that bullshit. If you listen
and play with this, nobody can beat you, man. Nobody. And that’s
how I live my life, man. And that’s how I coach. I believe in my players. I coach who come
in the building. I don’t run out and get–
“Yo, come to Central–” I don’t do that, man. I never thought I was coming
back here with Central, man. So to win this game,
that’s big for me, man. I couldn’t walk out on Central. I’m a Blue Devil, man.
I graduated from Central. Believe in yourself. Don’t let nobody tell you
you can’t be something, man.You gotta believe, man.Malikah:
I been here for two months.
We was living in the communityand I gave that apartment up
’cause it was too bad of an area and that’s when I moved
to the Central Ward, but the apartment
was smaller than this.So that’s how he ended up going
to stay with my sister.
And I looked for an apartment–
a bigger one, so he could be able
to come back home. – Man, I gotta–
– You ain’t clean up. Yeah, I gotta straighten up,
though, man. Malikah:
I like it. It’s our little house. That’s my youngest twin, Jabree. He’s a scientist.The mad scientist.How was practice? I’m tired. – You tired?
– Tired. You had a rough practice? His Ray Ray. He’s from–
yeah, he’s from my area. He played football. He just made the wrong decision to be on the streets, but– It’d be me, him,
and my friend Buddy. He’s locked up right now.
We’d just be chillin’, playin’ a game. Malikah:
Overall, for him to come where we came from and all the
situations that we been through, and him still be positive
and playing, and not end up in the streets,
is a blessing. I want my babies
to have stuff that I didn’t have
as much as I can. So, that’s
why I’m always at work, ’cause I’m a single parent
of four boys. Like, I have no help with them. Yeah, and I’m so upset! It’s his championship
and he wanted me to come but that’s the day
I go back to work. I wish I could
’cause I would love to come. I hope they take it all. But where could
y’all watch the game at? – Somebody recorded it?
– Yeah, it’s an app. – Right there.
– I see you. I know your walk from– – I walk with a little limp now.
– You do. I don’t like that. Look, look, look. This– This where I gave it up
too quick. See, I got the steal. – I just gave it up too fast.
– You should’ve kept it. I should’ve just kept it. That’s what OG was
telling me yesterday. Word. We ain’t gonna lose, though. We ain’t gonna lose.We’re about to win
a state championship,
and I’m excited
because one of my goals wasto win a state championship.Nobody didn’t think
we were gonna make it
but we proved them wrong.Whether it’s OGteaching us, helping us out, telling us what to do
or not to do.But us listening to him got us
where we are now.
– Where are the donuts at, OG?
– They’re in the locker room. – What?
– Where donuts? – Come on, Haddie.
– Oh, OG, come with the candy! – He–
– Hmm. Haddie:
He didn’t say nothing
about no donuts. Oh. Ooh, OG done great. Oh, yeah, close the door. What’s up, Zarique? We’re about to win
States, bro. Bruh, I got confidence
in us. Right. So what if– I can say it
when a minute left
and we up by 20? – Yeah.
– All right. – So you wanna throw it?
– That was my dream. So both of y’all get the ball
and throw it up. All right,
we both gonna do like this. – Throw it up.
– We’re gonna throw it up. I’m gonna fall out, bro, watch.
That’s gonna be like, “Three, two, one!” – Then I’ll be like–
– ( laughs ) No, no, no, look. I don’t know what–
I’ma be shocked, bruh. I’ma go in the stands
and start going crazy. I’m gonna go–
Oh, I’m gonna go
to our fans. – And go–
– Yeah. I might smack somebody.
“Shut up! Ah, we won!” All right,
here we go, man. Y’all nervous? What’s what? Oh. Good answer. All right, Haddonfield. A little bit
about the personnel. Point guard, thousand point
score as a junior. This cat is the guy. This the cat right here. 33, 6’7″, shooter. Look at that. He gonna dunk on your ass,
Dee-End, and I’ma laugh at you. They play hard, man. Whatever you call, Brill,
look to attack. Look for blood. Attack. Attack. Attack. Force them
to bend their fucking knees. Don’t let these motherfuckers
take your opportunity
away from you. 32 minutes, man.How much you gonna bring
to the table
to make sure you walk out
a state champion?
( music playing )( music playing )Oh, my God!
( laughs ) Hey, Rique!
Ah, yeah, Rique. We here, son! We here, y’all.
We here, man. We ’bout to win
this shit, man.( music playing )Let’s work! Let’s work!
We here now. We here now! Announcer:We are down
to the nitty-gritty.
We are down in
to the State Finals.
This is the proving ground.Mike Kinney:
I thought that Central were
in for a good season,
a tough season.Thought they’d be
quarterfinals, maybe semifinals
in the county tournament,but I didn’t see them getting
all the way through.
But, tough one.
Tough one for Central
because Haddonfield’s
a seasoned team
with a lot of older guys
and they have a lot of size.
Stadium Announcer:
Meet the Haddonfield Bulldawgs.
Rebound the basketball,
get back on defense
making foul shots. Think about that. Let’s go.
Bring it in, guys. ( all talking at once ) Mike:
When you have a big crowd
and all of a sudden
you get to this game,
the kids think they’re
but it’s something
that you’re not prepared for it
till you’re sitting here
at the RAC playing, you know.Central, they have a chance
’cause they’re here.
They have a chance
because something triggers
in Newark kids
when they get
to this championship.
They want nothing morethan to get back on that bus
and bring a championship home.There’s some bragging rights
there, man, for Central.
– Let’s go, yo!
– Yo, we in the bitch. We in this bitch
already, man. And we in this bitch
right now. Hey, hey, hey.
It’s time right now, man. All we got.
Let’s go! ( all talking at once ) Samsel:
Central and Haddonfield
have taken the court.
It’s time for tipoff.The winner will be the Group
Two New Jersey State Champions.
And Central wins the tip.Joel across the top of the key,gives it off left wing
for Zarique.
Drives, gives to Brill,
right wing, three.
Way off,
rebound comes to Central,
Zarique, put back,
also no good.
Here comes Haddonfield.To Blake, backdoor cut.And that’s Haddonfield
basketball right there.
Joel for three.No good.Haddonfield pushes, DePersia.– ( whistle blows )
Nice move by DePersia!Oh, we attack for shit, man.Zarique for three.Another fucking three. Samsel:
In to the big man.
Fleming, nice spin move.( indistinct chatter ) Shawn:
This ain’t the Central team
I know, man. I don’t know what the fuck
is going on out there, man. – Watch the back door!
Back door cut knocked away
by Joel.
Central on a fast break.Zarique!– ( buzzer )
– Central on three.
One, two, three. – All: Central.
– Shake your head all day, man. You gotta stop that shit up
and play. Samsel:
DePersia, right wing.
Blows right past Haddie
to the rim and lays it in.
Start too late, man! Samsel:
Brill on the right side,
across to Haddie.
Dee-End, up and underhand in.Dee-End has been a force
these playoffs,
averaging 23 points
and 11 boards per game.
Crowd ( chanting )
Defense! Defense! Defense!Off the back of the rim.Zarique! Watch the back screen! Hey! Hello!
He about to get it! – He about to get it!
Fleming back door cut to Bondand the foul.Central’s backside help is
arriving too late.
Shawn: He up here,
and we down there and you standing up here. He ain’t doing nothing.
They fucking killing us
down there. – ( whistle blows )
– ( buzzer blares ) Damn!Quan Quan drives the lane.Ooh, ugly miss.You do that shit
every time, man!Time running down here
in the half.
Dee-End to Omar just in front
of the free throw line,
knocks it down.– Time out! Time out! Time out!
– Time out! Time out!DePersia, he’s gonna work
for the last shot.
– Charge! Charge!
Hits.– ( buzzer )
And that’s halftime,with Haddonfield hitting the
late bucket to go up by eight.
– Where’s the charge?
– Not gonna do nothin’? Y’all, we’re going
to the locker room. Go! Go! Go! This way. Go! Fuck! One of y’all
gotta fucking take it! If you want it,
you gotta fucking take it! Two people took a charge.
That wasn’t no charge. If you want it,
you gotta take it. Well, call a fucking block then. – Call a block then.
– Which way– Which way is the bar,
Mister Ref?
Thank you. They ain’t
giving you shit! If you want it,
you gotta fucking take it!Gotta be kidding me, man!
That was terrible.
And you down eight. With no calls and four rebounds. Man!
It’s the championship, man! Ain’t no game after this. Especially you seniors,
ain’t no more games, man.This is it.
You gotta play.
Third quarter underway.
DePersia brings it across court
for Haddonfield.
Haddie Evans smothering
Knocked away and stolen.Joel lays it in.Haddonfield ball underneath.Quick pass to Heine
and lays it in.
Hey, get up! Get up!
Get up! Get up! – Get up!
Evans by Joel but knocked away
and stolen.
Brill on the break,to Zarique and the–
and one won’t go.
Central driving to the baskets,something we didn’t see
in the first half.
( chanting )
Let’s go! Let’s go, Central!
Let’s go!Persia drives.
Rejected by Zarique.
Central playing
with a sense of urgency.
Brill off the dribble.Nice pass to Dee-End
and lays it in.
Central closes the lead to six.Let’s go, man! Let’s go, man.
We in it, we in it. We won the quarter, man.
We gotta win this one. Everybody’s buying in. – All we got. One, two, three.
– All: All we got.One more quarter to determine
the New Jersey State Champions.
– Let’s go, seniors!
– Let’s go! Let’s go! Hot screen, 33.
Hot screen, 33.Haddonfield to inbound,
quick pass to Fleming.
( crowd cheers ) 33!Dee-End in the corner.Cross court pass too hot
for Terry and out of bounds.
Pass the fucking ball! – Pass the ball!
– Get up! Get up!
Get up! – ( whistle blows )
– What?Omar called for the block.Oh, my fucking God, man! ( whistle blows ) Yo! He didn’t even– ( whistle blows ) Hey ref,
can he foul him first? ( whistle blows ) Fucking foul shot!
They ain’t scored a basket, they got eight straight
free throws! – Can we get one?
– ( whistle blows ) – Why?
– Get the fuck outta here, man.Coach McCray has
been frustrated
with the officials all game
and just picked up a warning.
DePersia, step back, three.Haddonfield starting
to pull away.
Hey, come on!Time is starting to run down on
this great Blue Devil season.
( music playing )Darnell:
I wanna say thank you
to the seniors, man.
Brill, Kareem…Omar…– ( crying quietly )
– Sai… Olufela… Dee-End… ( exhales ) I just want to say thank you. It was fun, man. In 2014, y’all walked in
as freshmen. 2018, you’ll leave
as champions. Just wanna say thanks. That’s it. ( whistle blows ) I didn’t touch him! Announcer:
Haddonfield doing a remarkable
job from the line.
That’s now 19 for 20.That is too much for Central.Hey, man, play
to finish the game. Hey, finish the game, man.
Finish the game. Finish the game. Central on three, man. Come on, man. – Come on.
– Central on three. It’s all right, man.
It’s all right. – One, two, three.
– Players: Central. Finish the game, man.
It’s all right, it’s all right. Life does not stop
at the last game. This is not the end. I’ma miss a lot of y’all,
just like Tys. Because I’ve coached
a lot of y’all from when y’all were… I guess, babies. And now you’re grown men. I love each
and every one of y’all. I’ll always be there,
but I don’t think anybody will give you more
opportunities and be that father, brother,
uncle, whatever, that Shawn will be.I played for him.I know at any point, any day,any time,
I could call on him. And that’ll never change. That’ll never change.( music playing )‘Cause this–
this your family right here.
It’s always been about family.Good job, man. Come on, man.
Good job, man. – Hey, it’s a game.
– Good job, good job. – Nothing you can do about that.
– Don’t worry about it, man. Good job, good job. Don’t worry about it, man.
Keep your head up,
keep your head up.( music playing )( final buzzer )( music playing )Sharnee Brown:
Coach McCray is the
quintessential basketball coach
but it’s really much more
than that.
It’s deeper than that.He’s tough, but he’s
definitely a supporter
of young boys just trying
to navigate this space.And the kids,
they can trust him.
He just has that spirit.( music playing )Shawn:
I feel great, man.
Had a great season,probably the best group of guys
I ever coached at Central. We have a great program here
at Central High School, whether other people wanna
believe it or not. ‘Cause I believe in my system, I believe in my coaches,
and I believe in the kids that I coach. It’s up to y’all.
You like the feeling. it’s nice to get here,
everybody watching you. You gotta want to come back. I love coming here.
This is my goal, to get here every year.They can’t take away
your section championship.
They can’t take away
your conference championship.
They can’t take away
that you’re the best team
in North Jersey, Group Two.You won three championships.You won three.
You’re still champions, man.
Did a lot of things a lot
of teams never did, man.
You left a mark, man.
That school could stay open
200 years. Your banner gonna be in there.
Every time you walk in there,
you’ll be like,“Damn, I put that up there.”
It look good.
When I see “Section
Championship Conference”–
I did that.
We did that.
The kids did that.But we can’t just play ball.That ball’s gonna stop.It’s gonna stop bouncingand you’re gonna have
to do something else.
But, seniors, if you’re
not gonna go to college,
you gotta get a job, man.You gotta do something.Don’t hang around
doing nothing.
I wish I could get up every day
and I ain’t got shit to do.
I got kids, man. I got bills,
I gotta do something.
I don’t wanna do
what I used to do.
That ain’t–
I don’t wanna do that.
‘Cause I don’t wanna go to jail. Or die.( music playing )( people cheering )Woman:
We’re so proud of you guys.
We are. It was a good season. I’m short,
you gotta bring it in. That way, gotta bring–
You gotta bring it in that way. Jay Will say, he– Jay Will say, “I heard.
This was put in your way to make you better. Stay grinding.
That’s life, man. We all take lumps but fall down
seven, get up eight.” Hey, Quan Quan, I’ll give you $20
if you can get
that balloon. – Word up.
– I can do it. I– I’ll put that, though. I can pull that. Do I got it?
I got it. All right, I got it. I don’t got it, y’all. I don’t got it.
I don’t got it. Shaquan:
I wouldn’t wanna go
to no other high school
other than North Central.Who we gotta drop off?The coaches that coach
for Central,
they love us a lot. They’d do anything for us.
Anything. Shaquan:
I’m out.
I’m out. Shawn:
About to go
to Sixth Street? Oh, man, you going– we gonna have to keep you– I’m good, man. I’m not gonna get
in no trouble, man. – I hope not.
– Trouble gonna find him. – Trouble find him.
– Shawn: I’m telling you. Come on now. All right,
catch y’all later, man. – Later, Quan Quan.
– All right. Have a good night. ( siren wailing )( music playing )♪ We are who we are,
who we are ♪
♪ Ooh ♪♪ You want me ♪♪ Ooh ♪♪ I do ♪♪ Ooh ♪♪ Who are we, yeah ♪♪ Where are we? ♪♪ Where are we? ♪♪ Where are we? ♪♪ Where are we? ♪♪ Where are we? ♪♪ Where are we? ♪♪ Oh… ♪♪ Know we are ♪♪ Ooh ♪♪ Ooh ♪♪ Oh ♪♪ Ooh ♪♪ Ooh. ♪

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