Best Reason to Take Out Travel Insurance | The Plain “Hidden” Truth

Best Reason to Take Out Travel Insurance what’s up everybody Larry Porter here
and I am back once again and today we’re gonna talk about travel insurance and
the benefits of using it and why should you have travel insurance on your travel
needs all right we’ll be right back okay welcome back guys so if you’re
anything like me I want to be protected something go wrong I want to be prepared
for Plan B so let’s say you booked a vacation and you want to make sure that
everything is on point you don’t want to have believe it not the worst can happen
and you want to be protected so this is the reason why I recommend having travel
insurance now most people don’t go into and don’t really get it but it’s very
very important when it comes to your money so say for example that you got
your vacation paid for you got it pay for it and it’s how if you’re going a
trip and something dramatic happens whether it be the destination that
you’re going to have a hurricane or you get ill with family issues and you can’t
make your reservation however the right type of travel protection you can get a
refund of your money back so if you pay to trip and fall or deposit whatever the
case may be you can get your money back Best Reason to Take Out Travel Insurance okay now if you don’t have insurance
guess what you lose your money okay so you want to make sure you’re not only
protecting your your whole trip as a being but you want to protect your money
because the right type of travel protection okay can protect your money
you get a full refund of your money back okay – the travel protection fee so for
example if you pay let’s say you got a vacation book and you pay a total of 160
dollars to cover your entire trip okay and your trip costs $1,000 okay and
worst case scenario would be if something happens and you can’t make
your vacation whether it be something on the vacation in or you’re in dealing
with family issues all etc and you can’t make it you can get a full refund of
your $1,000 – 160 okay that’s the only thing you have to pay
your the 160s it’s gonna let’s go take care of the insurance but the reminder
that go to a Jew so you get most of your full refund back versus not having it
okay and you lose everything okay so keep that in mind guys you want to make
sure you have travel insurance to ensure that you get your full deposit or your
full vacation amount back okay now if you try to book on your own most
websites that you book through doing it yourself don’t offer that type of level
of insurance they may offer a little insurance but it don’t offer the
all-in-one protection where you can get your full refund back okay so make sure
you look into that so that’s why I recommend going through a travel agent a
travel agent will not only make sure that your vacation is taken care of but
your money is too okay so hope this makes sense so if you like this video
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