Basic Oil Painting Techniques : Canvas Coverage in Oil Painting

On behalf of Expert Village, My name is Vince
Fazio and I’m here to talk to you from the Sedona Art Center about one session oil paintings.
So your goal in this first blocking in is to cover the surface. Get an idea of the big
shapes in the canvas. I’m going to jump in with another color now. So cadmium red, cerilium
blue hue. I’m getting an idea of the greens. I’m liking that green against that violet.
So, a bright green against a violet is part of the, obviously the drama of this. That’s
one of the interesting things about painting is it forces you to look at things for their
abstract qualities. It’s not the bush against the shadow, it’s one color against another.
To paint this figure I’m going to have to look at that, not as a figure so much as,
what two colors, what three colors are going on in that area. That makes up that figure.


@myavergnuen – in 'How to Begin An Oil Painting' Vince says he thins the paint for the first layers of the painting.

It is debateable whether artistic ability can be taught – but techniques in handling different media can be. Countless books, workshops, and in-depth instructional videos are available to help you get started. Experience is, as always, the very best teacher.

Actually this worked really well for me. I'm supposed to include a short video clip for a 10 minute presentation and one of these was just right

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