Backstage at a Musical, Pizza Night and Life Insurance

Good morning everyone and welcome to The
Balancing Act, I’m Olga Villaverde, and I’m
Amber Milt. All right I know the answer to
this but I just want to know again, do
you like pie? I love pie, I love to eat
it. She
really does. Yeah I do. Because
you’re sweet. Then I know you loved going
behind the scenes of Waitress! Oh my god it
was so good and I love being in front
of house because they serve pie to you. They do? So good. Oh gosh! And what’s really
exciting is I got to sit down with the
all-female creative team, we love that on
Broadway, including the multi Grammy
nominee singer/songwriter Sara
Bareilles. You
know her songs? Yes! Brave and
love song! Okay sorry Sara! And of course
we also got to sit down with Tony
winning director Diana Paulus. Oh fun, I
can’t wait! Also another bit of fun for us,
this morning, Chef Tyrell we’ll be in the
kitchen with quick and easy meals right from
the freezer. Hi Chef. Hey ladies how
about a Friday night in with some pizza
and wine? I’ll save you a slice. Mmm all
right plus another delicious topic here,
we’ve got life insurance but don’t worry
it’s made easy. How to find the right
policy for you and your family, The
Balancing Act starts, right now. [Music]
Broadway balances America brought to you
by Broadway Across America bringing the
best of Broadway to a city near you. Time now for Broadway Balances
America our series that takes you behind
the scenes of some of the most
beloved Broadway musicals, I love this,
as they appear across the country and
into your local theaters. Today
Waitress. Mm-hmm sugar, butter
and yes a spunky waitress, blended all
together with an original score that is
so witty by Grammy nominee Sara Bareilles
and guess what you’ve got what
you’ve got a recipe for the perfect Broadway
musical so let’s head to the diner and
meet the women of waitress the musical. [Music]
The musical is inspired by Adrian
Shelley’s beloved indie film of the same
name, with music and lyrics by Sara
Bareilles, a book by Jesse Nelson and
directed by Tony Award winner Diane
Paulus. The story of Waitress is
based around three waitresses who work
in a small diner, small-town USA,
there are real people they work hard for
their living and at the center is the
character of Jena and she is an extraordinary pie baker. She has
this incredible talent but her
problem is she doesn’t deal with the real-life
troubles in her life, instead she puts
all her emotions and bakes a pie. Jena is a character that is so
precious to me and has done so much for
me in my life and so getting to tell her
story, you know was just like such a
I’ll never forget that. It’s hard not to
instantly fall in love with our heroine
who often balances life’s toughest
situations through her whimsical pie
recipes. She’s
a wife we look at that relationship
between her and her husband, she works at
a diner where she and her two kind of
best coworker pals Dawn and Becky, work
all work together. She bakes as
an escape. What happens is these
circumstances are so in her face that
she doesn’t have the choice just to bake
it away, she has to face these realities
these deep kind of scary dark emotional
realities, and then it’s unbelievable how
her life changes. Jenna soon
discovers that she’s become pregnant and
is in an unloving marriage with little
hope of getting out, dismayed by the
news but determined to keep the baby,
Jenna heads to her doctor, pie in hand
and meets the handsome and charming
Doctor Jim Pomatter and suddenly her life
begins to take a turn. But
what’s so redemptive in our musical as
this woman who is an extraordinary pie
maker actually in the end of our story
gets to turn that talent into a form of
empowerment. She has to deal
with her own problems and she does it through
so many things that happen to her in the
show, relationships, encounters, her
deep sister friends that she has in that
diner the other waitresses, but in the end
she has to look inside herself. Helping
Jenna summon the strength and courage
to rebuild her own life are her
fellow waitresses. There’s the feisty Becky played
by Charity Angel Dawson, she wants
to you know help spur her on toward
greatness and toward this life that she
could have of happiness and fullness
without this abusive relationship and I think
that she does it, she does it with a
little, a little sass on it but but she’s
it’s all in love to try to get her to the
next level in her life. What is it
like to play her and how are you similar
to her, how much of your self do you
bring into that role? I’m not as spicy you know
as Becky but so it’s nice to have that
that release on stage to get to like
tap into a different part of myself
that. I
become the person who reaches out to
help my friends a lot you know I want to
see them you know grow and and live and
thrive. And rounding out this
trio of strong women is Lenna Clingerman
who plays the reserved Dawn. She’s
you know vibrant and has so much going on
under underneath that like turtle
exterior that she’s hiding under and so I
love getting to bring kind of my own
buoyancy and vibrancy to that especially
for when those moments that it pops out
she pops out of her shell but also I’m a
Capricorn, so her perfectionism and control
freakiness, it really speaks to me too so
I like to play the balance between those
two things. Really getting to
relish and seeing the beautiful bond of
friendship and love between these three
women I hope the audiences see
themselves in one or all of them and just get
to enjoy something that we don’t often
see which is this like beautiful bond of
female friendship. Celebrating the bonds of
friendship, motherhood and of course the
magic of a well-made pie all comes together
through the music and lyrics of grammy
nominee, Sara Bareilles. I think I just,
I wanted to give everybody some emotional
depth, and you know I think there was
there was lots to draw from from the world
of Waitress that though all of
these characters are so interesting
and complicated and messy and they
were, they were delicious. Sort of like do a deep dive into
and and try to give them you know some
real life and then as always with my
music my hope is to is to just be a
reflection that that someone recognizes
themselves. And this beautiful
masterpiece has been brought to life by
Broadway’s first all-female creative
team. It just seems like they
were all the people that were right for
the job you know and it just happened to
be women. You know we weren’t
trying to be the first all-female group we
just happened to be people who were
working hard and in the top of our
fields and found each other that way. We
had to explore a lot of different
versions of everything and you’re sort of
trying to find the answer but there’s no
playbook to go to, so you’re you’re on
this constant exploration with each
other but you know we had a lot of laughs,
we had some tears, we had you know
everything in between. As we’ve worked the actors and
the people who are part of our team
and community you know will often
pause and say, can I just note that it
never looks like this in the room and I
think that visualization of seeing women
lead in a room creatively is just a sign
that this is possible and all the young
women across America who are aspiring
to be in these fields know there’s a
place for them. [Music]
And of course there’s always a place for
pie. So for me I had never made
up I thought it was very important to
make a pie, and after I had found out
that I had won the role of Jenna, my
mom flew to New York City and in my New York
City studio apartment she taught me
how to bake a pie which was my
great-grandmother’s cherry pie recipe,
and we called it very celeba-cherry pie. My
go-to pie is my mom’s blackberry pie and
then it’s pretty much just like blackberries and sugar. [music.] I feel like my production is my
pie, I spend so much effort you know
creating the production and working with
such remarkable formers like Desi and
kind of like launching them those are my
little cooking creations. Waitress is a
little slice of heaven and they can’t wait to
share this winning recipe with audiences
across America. I think people come
away from the show not realizing that they
were gonna laugh as much as they did
and I hope that we continue to just
kind of touch that heart center when
people come to see the show they leave with
having had an emotional experience but
also that they have gone on some sort
of journey themselves. And this is
a musical that says “wake up it’s never
too late” and I think especially for women
to say you deserve happiness, you
deserve a kind of empowerment, but it’s
everybody’s story and that’s a really
important distinction you know stories
about women are not just for women because
everybody has a mother, a sister, a
daughter and we all care about these issues. [Music]
yYu have to see this show, from the songs
to the characters, to the witty sarcastic
funny, you will laugh, you will cry, it is
real, this this story is life-changing
for sure. The North American
tour of Waitress is coming soon to a
theater near you. Check out Broadway
Across America, Broadway Balances
America or you can always go to our website for all the show
information tour dates and more. Sugar
butter, flour. [music.] Life insurance is an important
component to smart proactive and overall
solid financial planning. Unfortunately many
today believe life insurance helps only
the event death or that life insurance
is appropriate for people in very
specific stages of life, I’;m one of them. Olga has more. How secure is
your financial future, are you
prepared if or when life takes an unexpected
turn? Joining me today to talk about
the importance of life insurance are
Casey Watkins and Brandon Ellison from
Symmetry Financial Group, good morning to
both of you. Good morning. Before we start
talking about symmetry and life insurance as a whole, I wanted
to share with you the statistic that I
read, I was surprised. It says here 60
percent of Americans believe they have
enough life insurance coverage. Okay. However in
reality, only 20 percent have enough life
insurance to meet their needs. 20 percent. So how can we improve these
numbers Brandon? Well we have to have
the conversations I think that’s
where it starts. And a lot of people
don’;t want to. And
a lot of people don’;t want to have those conversations. I get
it. It’s difficult to talk
about, it is a lot more challenging of a
conversation to have, if you haven’t had that
one early on if something does
happen. In the
nature of our business we’ve been in
this business for 15 years now, each and
we’re just very close to that, we see the
impact that it makes really on both
sides, we’ve seen people who maybe
procrastinated and didn’t take care of
what they needed to, and the impact that
that can have in a family’s life. We’ve
also seen the positive side where people
have taken care of their life insurance
needs and the generational impact that
has on a family’s life, is is tremendous. So let’s talk about some
misconceptions there’s a few of them that are
pretty big. The first one is, it’s too
expensive. Right. Can’t afford it, not true
right? No
not at all. You know we have access to over
80 companies with Cemetery
Financial, where there are products that can fit
any budget for sure. Second one: too
complicated, too difficult to get. That is
certainly not the case. No a lot of times now you don’t
even have to do a physical exam. Really? Extremely easy. I had to. Right, and most people
think they do have to and I think that causes
people to procrastinate. Maybe they
think that they have
some health challenges that will limit
their ability to get it. That’s
not the case. We we sit in front of
thousands of families every week, and we have
products for every single one of those
families, and they’re very easy to apply
for. And
this one’s a big one Casey, the third one
it only helps if someone passes and dies. It’s not the case that all used
to be the case where you think your
purchase life insurance in case of a
death. Right. Well now there’s so many options
on on life insurance coverage, there’s
critical illness benefits, you know if
there’s a cancer or heart attack or stroke
that it that there would be a benefit
paid, if there’s a disability there’s
riders or things you can have on your
insurance policy it will actually pay a
monthly premium or monthly payment to
you if you’re sick or injured and then
the big one
called return of premium where on your
term policy at the very end of the term
if you have not used your policy the
insurance company will refund your
premium back to you. And when
one gets life insurances it makes sense
to kind of relook at it at various
stages of your life? Absolutely things are
constantly changing and that’s what we
try to do is really protect people on
their journey along the way. You
know when you purchase a home that’s
what a lot of people want to purchase a
life insurance policy they’ve just
taken on a few hundred thousand dollars
worth of worth of debt, at the birth of a
child you know is another time when
people, so we really try to be there along
the way with them. So what’s your
mission at symmetry what sets you apart
Brendon? Well he just said it you know we
want to protect your life’s journey, we
want to be there every step of the way
and we we want to give our consumers
options we want to open the conversation,
you know? Begin talking about it so that
we don’t have to have difficult
conversations later but you know again the
beauty of us having so many different
carriers is that we can offer something for
every single situation and we want to
just let people know how easy it is to
qualify for life insurance nowadays. And
certainly avoid that moment of why
didn’t I, right Casey? Exactly. Thank you
so much for your time. Where can
our viewers go for more information
on symmetry? They can go to sfg
life dot com forward slash the balancing act
and they can get all types of information
on getting coverage for themselves
but also where there’s a big need for for
sales representatives right now as
well so anyone that’s looking to have
either a part-time or full-time career,
they can get a lot of information there
as well. We’;re hiring nationwide right
now. Excellent I’m glad we had the
conversation this morning. Appreciate
your time. Thank you. And if
you’d like to learn more about planning for
your financial future, you can visit
us also at [Music] [Music.] So what’s your favorite type of
pizza? Oh
like a margarita. Margarita? All
right. Aeah. Okay, pepperoni is pretty common
too, right? Oh a little meat on pizza, I
mean listen you’ve got your cheese and
you’ve got your carbs, it’;s perfect. Especially, you
want to make it more perfect? Yeah you
add a little bit of wine. Okay
now you’;ve got a great night. Oh yeah. Party there
you go. Here’;s Chef Tyrell. [Music.] After a long work week who
wouldn’t want a Friday night at home with
pizza and wine? I’m Bryan Tyrell and
welcome to my kitchen. Ready for some perfect
pairings? Today I’m using Virtuoso by Dr.
Oetker. Let’s start off by talking about
the thin crust, these delicious
concerto of real ingredients will make your
tastebuds sing like no other. It’s a
perfect harmony of unique toppings from
fresh picked vegetables, to flavorful
meats and cheeses, all layered with their
signature sauces, on top of a thin and
crispy crust First of all we have our spinach
pizza made with farm-grown
leaf spinach and a hundred percent
mozzarella. I’m going to pair
that up with a nice savagnin blanc, the
savagnin blanc is a little bit dry but it’s
still refreshing and would complement
the earthly features of the spinach,
it will also leave you with a nice crisp
aftertaste. Next up mozzarella 100 percent
mozzarella and Edam cheeses, sun ripened
tomatoes, crushed pesto and their
signature sauce, that all comes together
in a real perfect harmony, match that up
with a really nice Pinot Grigio the
fruitfulness of the wine will match up
well with the cheese and complement each
other. Mushroom who doesn’t like
mushroom pizza overflowing mushrooms with
a hundred percent mozzarella Edom
cheeses, along with their signature sauce
pair that up with a really nice
Chardonnay over here we have our classic
crust, it’s a crispy on the outside and
light and airy on the inside top with
their signature sauces and of course
fresh picked vegetables, flavorful
meats, delectable cheese’s for flavor
so fresh you’ll ever you’ll forget that
it was frozen. Mouth-watering combination of
fresh picked kale, crispy bacon and
onions. I’ve
got a nice glass of Chianti that’ll go
with that. Then we have our
pepperoni made
savory slices of pepperoni, 100 percent
real mozzarella and Emmentaler cheese’s
top with their signature sauce pair that
with a merlot and though it’s not as
full-bodied as a Cabernet it is more
subtle flavored and has black cherry and
currant and it’s really low in acid. My
favorite is a Mediterranean, it’s made with exotic mixture of
chicken zucchini, black olives, bell
peppers, red onions. Match that up with a
really nice dry Rose, the Rose a has a
really nice flowery taste to it that
includes citrus and melon. You know looking at
all these great pizzas I can’t wait
anymore I need some of this pizza. Hmm you can find these pizzas at
your groceries’; freezer or to find
out about virtuoso frozen pizzas go to
oetker dot us or go to our website the Don’t forget
to share your favorite recipes with us! [Music] [Music]
Wow, we had pie, we had pizza. We had a good show, we had a
party. We did have a good show
today, a lot of fun. And if you
want to have some more fun with us you
can always head to our Facebook page and
our website and of course you can always
follow us on Twitter because we’ve got
lots more there. And that
website is thanks for
watching everyone we’ll see you next
time. [Music]
[Music.] [Music]

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