Hello everyone and welcome to another video For review of new Bluetooth headsets after testing them I speak of course of Aukey T-10 and I thank Aukey again for its partnership. Aukey innovates in the equipment it manufactures as it goes. of course i have already tested other economical earphones and i also invite you to watch my last test here. but let’s see how Aukey is doing with this pair of headsets. as usual Aukey sent me this to present them and review with the pros and cons. I will place the product links in the description below. so here we have physical characteristics with a premium look and feel the branding of the metal and the trim shines and sparkles if you are interested in this but the headphones themselves are Textured and are not smooth from the outside. The plastic provides a lot of texture which reinforces this superior quality but also offers a good grip while keeping comfort in the ear with silicone they are very comfortable on my ears the base of the headphones rests on the ears which help stabilize the headphones and the silicone tips do a great job of keeping these headphones in place during periods of intense activity especially in movement, they have these ear hooks which also stabilize the ear cups even better, and make them comfortable and above all stable Aukey T10 complies with protection class IP 5, which means that it can withstand weak water jets. It’s enough for most people who could be caught in the rain or by running water or during your workout when you sweat. It works perfectly with sensitive actions which I like I know some of you who prefer a physical button, but it gives the impression of pressing on the head or stick the ear cups even more. But with Aukey T10 these little sensitive keys allow you to pause and increase the playback volume and decrease the volume which is done simply by keeping the finger on the headset on each side And indeed, you can jump and go back to your playlist with a double tap, now Siri and Google Assistant are available via your Smartphone with a triple press with these Aukey T10 bluetooth earphones when you put them on for the first time you can hear a voice telling you that the headsets are paired or paired with your Smartphone they turn on and off when they are put in their holders. now Aukey is moving on to the latest Bluetooth technology because yes the Aukey T10 uses Bluetooth 5.0 which allows them to be used remotely without loss of signal very high performance by testing video on my Xiaomi Mi Note 2 YouTube and the games both work But expect a 2 sec sound delay if your phone is not compatible I have to admit that the loading support looks rather nice and very intuitive with a USB Type-C port which is starting to be more and more marketed for wired charging but it is also compatible with wireless charging, which is currently less used than wired mode. Also the battery life is rated at a maximum of 7 hours, it’s not the best, but the average for wireless headphones usually last between 4 and 6 hours apart from the support which can give you two and a half hours of additional charges for a total of 24 hours of music and with my test thoroughly I had almost the same time around 6:30 be aware that Aukey T10 they are unfortunately unable to be paired with another device at the same time as you it is necessary to deactivate the Bluetooth of the already paired phone or forget the device turned on and then paired another device at that point it works, so be aware of that. All right, people who enter audio. Performance rating after testing the Aukey T10. by reviewing the audio signature of Aukey T10 the sound and really great with this performance and for a pair worth 109 $ or 89 € on the site. The interpretation is very well balanced there is enough very generous and pleasant bass the bass puts even more emphasis but softens on all songs personally i don’t feel the midrange and I don’t see that the sound starts to get bogged down or distorted because of the bass there’s a fair amount of separation between most other audio frequencies, now the midrange is clear and stands out without being embedded or too far forward, the biggest feature that surprised me is the direction of the audio and the sound stage for this price range you could hear instruments or a background voice work from left and right while audio in general seems to be much more than just stereo separation it won’t work like a soundbar or home theater but for the price it sounds really very loud the high frequencies the overall audio performance of these with music is a very pleasant experience that honestly i don’t expect that. by anticipating again in this price range i would say if you’re on a budget or even considering the headphone budget around this price range I recommend Aukey T10 I invite you to leave a comment below to let me know what you think if you already own these earbuds and share your thoughts with those who are watching this video let me know in the comment section, and what you think of this test don’t forget to subscribe and activate the bell respectively hope that this video helped you get to know Aukey T10 better. By the next video I tell you very soon Are you well Ciao


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