AUDC: Zack DROPS Brianna in Rehearsal! (Season 1 Flashback) | Lifetime


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Seems more painful for zack when brianna fell on him. Why is everyone worried for brianna, its zack doing the hard job. I mean brianna had a cusion or someone to brrak the fall.

Look at her, she’s a tall strong girl, and he’s a kid who hasn’t even hit puberty yet. How is he meant to lift her.

As a dancer watching this is soooo painful. When you are partnering your supposed to help the person lifting you. Tighten your body it makes you lighter. This girl just made him do all the work so of course he dropped her

Seriously they should’ve known that the lifts weren’t gonna work i mean they are the same size and he doesn’t seem to have much muscle like dude…

bro this reminds me of like in the rehersal for the señorita music video when camila sings “don’t let me fall” and shawn drops her lol

but in all seriousness i don’t blame zach or brianna

Can I just say the camera could not hear that noise from that far away, so like the audio is heavily edited even on dance mom.

I was so worried for zack when he fell to the ground, A boy should not be lifting a girl that is taller then the boy, if Zach had Asia or one of the other female dancers smaller then him in this duet he would be able to lift properly without dropping someone on the floor

Dude I hate when my mom said I really hope he doesn't drop her because you should be afraid if he drops her because he can get hurt

that girl is like way bigger than that little boy they should’ve known better than to do that he is not strong enough to hold a girl as heavy as him

those parents are idiots. first up, Brianna fell on her bottom on zack’s arm, while Zach hit his head on the floor. everyone just cared about the dance, even ask he’s okay FOR the dance. even if he was okay, still, that’s stupid.

Brianna’s like twice his height and she’s much stronger than him with more muscle and he hadn’t even hit puberty bow was he supposed to carry her and I felt so disgusted when Brianna’s mom cared more if Zach was hurt than his own mum when she literally dropped on this neck/head and I heard a crack I was more worried than her and he’s her Child

I’m laughing at the part when Zack said that lifting Brianna was one of the hardest things in his in life ! Insult much 😂😂😂😭

But still an amazing performance from both of them also love the theme and the costumes!!!…😱😎😍😄😮🥰😘😁😀😃😆☺️😊😲

Brianna’s mom makes it seems like its all Zack’s fault, but ITS NOT.. Brianna looks SOOOOOOOO heavy and there is no way that Zack could perfectly lift her and when they fell.. Zack is the one who got sorta hurt cus Brianna was on top of Zack.. it should’ve been called “ Brianna fell on top of Zack “

For lifts to be successful, the one lifting should be about 15cm taller than the one being lifted, these two are similar heights, no wonder he dropped her! It was ridiculous that they even tried to do a lifts…

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